Sandusky Police
Friday, January 11, 2013 - 12:18pm
400 block Camp St., drunken man told homeless man to get out of his house. Drunken man picked up sword, and homeless man left. Police confiscated man’s sword along with butcher and paring knives. Byron Johnson, 58, 400 block Camp St., voluntary intoxication (0.210 BAC).



Please don't tell me he was dressed as a Spartan warrior and screaming " THIS IS MY HOUSE !!!!" before he kicked the dude out ; ))))

chicken noodle

Voluntary intoxication? Do they have involuntary intoxication?


Holy crap!! With that high of a BAC it's a wonder he was able to pick up a sword made of anything other than a piece of paper!! I'm really glad that the PD took everything with them that they did. There's no telling what could have happened and then there could have been another murder/attempted murder/whatever in the area again!


Re: "Voluntary intoxication?"

He agreed to take the test?


Hold on a minute, he was drunk in his house, he told an intruder to get out and pulled out a sword to defend his property. I was not aware that it was illegal to be drunk in your own house and owning a sword, a butcher knife or paring knives. I hope they are returned to him when he sobers up.


Actually, yes, it is illegal to be drunk in your own house. It is illegal to be intoxicated. Doesn't matter where you are. It's up to the officers if they choose to charge you or not. They don't have to but if you are acting up, they usually will.


Apparently Mr. Johnson is no stranger to the police . With his track record it's no surprise that they took the sword and knives .


I wonder if this was the same guy that was walking down the street with a sword a few weeks ago.

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Lol. That was exactly my first thought!

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