Sandusky police
Tuesday, December 25, 2012 - 5:23am
500 block Hancock St., police stopped vehicle with no headlights as it drove through red light; driver told police she has sleep-walked and sleep-eaten, but this was the first time she’d sleep-driven. Police didn’t smell alcohol. Once woman woke up she seemed fine. Police gave her a ride home.


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Is she taking Ambian ???? Hmmm is right!


Uh, read again. It says the police DIDN'T smell alcohol.


thanks, I think I need a new brain AND new glasses. LOL


Ambiance is a pill! There'd be no smell genius.


Its Ambien (which is a sleeping pill), not Ambiance, and they were referring to my flub of saying that I thought they smelled alcohol on the driver. Which they didn't. It was my mistake. I goofed and they called me on it. I corrected my mistake. I said I was sorry. OOPS.