Sandusky Police
Monday, December 24, 2012 - 1:48pm
2400 block W. Monroe St., Cheryl L. James, 31, Columbus, failure to control motor vehicle. James allegedly lost control of vehicle while driving, veered off the right side of the road and then struck a curb, utility pole and fire hydrant before fully stopping. James reportedly told officers she crashed because she just had a newborn baby and has not been able to sleep the past few days. She said she must have fallen asleep while driving.


he said she said

Then why are you driving with no sleep? Driving sleepy is the same as driving after drinking...


Well all I can say is , a bad excuse is better then no excuse at all ... one can only hope her new born wasn't in the car at the time

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When my kid was born we had a lot of well-wishers stopping by. I fell asleep standing up leaning on a wall, they did not even get the hint. It is tiring, not just the lack of sleep but the entire ordeal, darn kids always want to pop out at night!

As for tired, last night on the Ohio Turnpike was interesting, all holiday travelers, all over the place and one guy doing anywhere between 63 and 85. I called on him, he was going to fall completely asleep and wipe out a few people. I hope they pulled him and had someone else drive, long way back to Texas, hope they made it!