Sandusky Police
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 2:57pm
300 block Jackson St., motorist spotted man holding sword outside Merry-Go-Round Museum, said he was headed to pawn shop, police gave him a ride.





LOL....good one


This is one instance when someone called the police for the right reasons. Just think of the tragedy that this man could have done if he had the sword for evil purposes. Good job for the motorist and good follow up by the police.


Gave him a ride to where? The pawn shop? Good use of taxpayer dollars!


Yea, you're right, they should have just let him keep walking and get 4 more calls about the same guy to waste their time with. If they would have given him a ride to Toledo to pawn it I would have issue with it


It was if it kept people from being alarmed & making more calls to 911


It seems when the police do something right - they still can't win.


Not in the land of entitlements. a.k.a. Sandusky Ohio

Julie R.

I think you're dead wrong when you say Sandusky, Ohio is the land of entitlements. I can more than prove that HURONITES are.