Sandusky Police
Monday, December 17, 2012 - 2:47am
2:47 a.m. — 2400 block First St., intoxicated man somehow slipped into water treatment plant, walked into office and told city employee about “the messiah” and “the light,” police took blueprints from man and gave him a ride to jail; Obediah Schreck, 19, 600 block Hancock St., criminal trespassing, criminal mischief.



Why was he not charged with under age drinking?


I wondered the same thing.


Where does it say he was drinking or was drunk? It's completely possible that there was something else going on with him that had nothing to do with alcohol. Other than him being where he shouldn't have been these calls to the police are getting out of hand. I agree with a someone that posted previously that stated that one of these times something serious is going to happen and the police are going to be on one of these crazy calls and can't make it to whatever on time to maybe make a difference.


It says intoxicated, not drunk. But does it matter if he was drunk or high? Intoxicated means he had ingested something toxic, something that impaired his mental capacities.


Sorry I didn't see that when I first read it.

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What were the blueprint for?


Is he an architect? Blueprints?


lol...that flew right over my head when I read the story.