Sandusky Police
Monday, December 10, 2012 - 8:46am
200 block W. Boalt St., woman took man out for his birthday, let him spend the night, when he woke up his sandwich was gone, woman said man ate it in drunken stupor, man accused woman’s “fat (expletive) friend” of eating it.



REALLY! The police need to start issuing citations people for calling them about stupid crap like this.

Dwight K.

I ate my bowl of soup last night...someone call the cops!



24productions son ate all his breakfast...that's it, I'm sending him to D.H.


Okay, that's hilarious. On the other hand, I couldn't agree more with jamo. Someday, probably sooner rather than later, somebody is going to die because the cops are busy admonishing a smart-mouthed kid or dealing with nonsense like this.

Start issuing the citations now. The City needs the money, and SOME of us might someday need the police for a REAL emergency!


This is a good example of how people with simple minds, who cannot think for themselves, call 911 for the most stupid of reasons. The police should ignore any calls of this nature for the simple reason that SamAdams stated. Somebody may need the police for a REAL emergency and precious seconds count. That goes also for calling the Rescue Squad for trivial reasons. Somebody may have a real reason like a heart attack or vehicle accident where seconds count.

Has anyone called the police for somebody leaving the toilet seat up?
"Have you noticed that in the past few years? It seems as if an increasing number of people, with a decreasing amount of common sense, have been using America’s most important phone number for some of the most trivial of life’s inconveniences."


I don't believe this at all. All these blotter items give some vague address as in the vicinity. They give no names either. It's the cops or the paper making stories up. I want to hear the 911 recordings or I'll believe none of it. And I sure as hell will not give my cell phone number to receive crap such as this.


Just because it is in the police blotter does not mean it was a 911 call. My husband works for a local dept in another county, he was called by dispatch one day because a lady called 911 to report that the trash truck had NOT stopped at her house and emptied the cans. These things happen all the time.


A sandwhich, No. Last twinky on the planet, Definately.

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You can call the police without dialing 911.
This is still another dumb reason to call regardless.

Ellis dee

Fat a..

Ellis dee

They ate his bday sammy. Id be pissed too. But wouldnt call the pigs


Those "pigs" might just save your life someday. With a comment like that you have got to be one of those simple callers.


Don't like the cops? Next time you're in trouble call a crackhead! They are not "pigs", they are out there risking their lives EVERY day to protect us! Andrew Dunn gave his life. They are not all perfect and neither are any of us. But, they give what most us are not brave enough to give.




oink oink


oink oink? Now that's the winning comment~NOT! Wow..............


You must be the oinker who ate that sandwich, > UNhappy


Not an "oinker" in any way. UNhappy? I'm not the one coming here saying things like oink oink > Mr. full of love


SamAdams? are correct sir...why are the SPD not administering fines for "false" summons? it that they cant "premise" the call?, or maybe that any call is a "tactical" basis for action?...i wish there were a group of people, in a room, thinking about this crap...a "Board", if you there not?