Sandusky police
Thursday, December 6, 2012 - 5:05pm
1200 block E. Farwell St., man was trying to record song in his private room when woman started yelling at him about the music. The woman wanted some quiet so she could watch TV and drink her beverage. The man decided it wasn’t worth the trouble living with her anymore and decided to pack up his belongings.



YGBFSM...= You Gotta Be Freakin' Spitting Me. That is not off topic.


I don't understand spitting?


Ohhhh nevermind I get it..


And police were called... Why?


Can NOone handle their own problems anymore? People call the police for EVERYTHING! Grow a pair, or put your big girl panties on and deal with life.

Left Sandtown

This is news,that happens at our home twice a month!God Bless us all!

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47% er


Wayyy too much information..


WTF??????? REALLY THIS IS NEW WORTHLY??????????? NOT!!!!!!!


...and this is here? the paper...why?


I can think of , at least, oh, I don't know, 300 different reasons to make a HeadLine....hey, I got it, maybe we, as readers, should ban together and make our own topic reads!...Hm...seems as though our local has "run" out of topics...j*ck a**es...wonder if this will be blocked?


This wasn't a "headline". This was an incedent reported by SPD in the police logs. It's just one of the many worthless calls that LE responds to. Kid won't go to school, neighbors dog poops in my yard, roommate plays music to loud. Calls like this are a waste of an officers time. I really feel that when someone makes a call like this and it is deemed frivolous, they should be charged a fee for wasting LE's time and resources.


I think its funny when people come on here to the blotter page and complain about it being headline new it says police blotter you come on the botter to be nosey and then you complain . GET OVER YOURSELVES..