Sandusky Police
Sunday, November 25, 2012 - 4:25pm
700 block Ontario St., drunken man charged barking dog while saying goodbye to guests, man shoved fence onto dog which urinated on itself, dog owner then choked drunken man; Randy Yanushewski, 54, same, disorderly conduct intoxicated.



How funny is that? The things you read in the paper.


Drunken man then urinated on himself....


I don't even know what to


I would have stood there laughing, urinating right along with that dog or the fence or the drunken man or whoever was peeing, but it was have killed me. I laugh easily anyway. LOLOLOLOLOL


"He charged the dog" WTF? He charged the dog's credit card or he rushed the dog ?

WTH ??

I hope the dog urinated on the drunken idiot.


Definately the dogs fault


take your dog to the vet, then take drunk to court for vet bill, he'll learn never to attack another persons pet again.$$$$$$$$$$ that he'd use to buy booze.


If I was writing this I would have written

"Man Attacks Dog in Drunken Frenzy, Dog unrinates on at 11".

Then I would have provided a short film of the other guy attacking the drunk who obviously couldn't have been much of an apponent in the first place. LOL.

you guys missed a heck of a chance here to REALLY get a good scoop. Can you imagine how funny that must have been? Sometimes I wish I was a cop just to go on some of these calls, but I would just be laughing my arse off at these stupid people. LOLOLOL


I'm confused, who did the peeing - the dog, the drunk, or the fence?


BOTH---the fence rusted