Saturday, November 24, 2012 - 1:50am
1:50 a.m. — Milan Road and Ohio 2, traffic stop, pills, loose marijuana, cash and sandwich bags found. No citations; drug investigation started.

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what was your first clue?


LOL...could it be the sandwich bags or the money? LOL But why no citations?


Why the traffic stop? Just random? One certainly cannot see those things from car to car.


they musta spilled the weed outa the sandwich bag ,probably swerving on the road , desperately trying to save the weed.

Erie County Resident

Empty sandwich bags ... OMG ... Who ate the brownies? .. LOL


Maybe they should have sent the police officer who drinks? She may have been able to get more out of them.....if you are going to investigate, send in a pro...get to know know....undercover work????? Oh, wait, they suspended her.