Sandusky Police
Monday, November 19, 2012 - 11:41pm
400 block Mill Pond Drive, police cornered wanted man who’d escaped from halfway house at Neil Street house, man tried to jump out window when police raided house but then thought twice and gave up; Essence Jones, 27, 500 block Meigs St., obstructing official business; Lacoya Davis, 29, 200 block Mills St., obstructing official business; Jamarcus Jackson, 27, 400 block Taylor St., obstructing official business, parole violation. (An earlier version of this item had an incorrect date.)



impressive register, how did you get this news? did someone in the News Dept invest in a Delorean, or a TARDIS, maybe a rickety Klingon Bird of Prey? Also a word of Advice to the people mentioned, when the Time rolls around, you better do what you're supposed to, or you'll cause a Paradox.

Red Baby-Shoes

Hehe...TARDIS comment made me chortle :p

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Can't even get a break by da lake?


The man worked full time at the halfway house.


He USED to.