Perkins Police
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 4:40pm
4:40 p.m. — 700 block Force Ave., woman waited for packages from Home Shopping Network, got suspicious when mail carrier passed her over and dropped off two packages at neighbors, police checked packages and confirmed they belonged to neighbors.



LOL...calling the cops on the mail people now. Kind of like waiting for the pot to boil, and when it finally does, it boils over. What would be the problem with walking to the neighbor's house and knocking on the door?


We have our neighbors mail and vise versa ALL the time. Seems we get a new mail person a few times a year. Lucky for us we all get along and just hand deliver it to who it belongs. Maybe that is what happened here? A new delivery person? The start of holiday shipping and just messed it up? WOW...I would never have thought to call the POLICE for my neighbor getting my mail. This is a complete WASTE of time. Can NOONE handle their own issues/problems anymore? Seems like more and more people call the police for the SILLIEST THINGS! Grow up people. Or my favorite saying "put your big girl panties on and DEAL with it"


If I were the neighbors, I'd be ticked off that some whacko called the police on me for getting my own mail


I wonder if they called #911 to report this crime?

And I can't believe Perkins wasted their resources on a call of this type.


My husband worked for a SMALL time department in the area, he received a 911 call from dispatch about a woman that called because the TRASH TRUCK had skipped her house and NOT picked up her trash!


In my town they sometimes pull mail carriers from other towns to help cover for sick leave etc.

God, the stupid reasons people call the cops.