Sandusky Police
Monday, November 12, 2012 - 12:55am
700 block Warren St., dog destroyed house while couple was out, man “corrected” dog which upset woman who then ran over man’s foot with car; Marci Andrews, 40, 4100 block Maple Ave., felonious assault.


VTX Rider

"man “corrected” dog" - Think about this for a minute. How would the dog know what he was being corrected for if his behavior took place while the "couple was out"? This dog had no idea why he was being corrected.


maybe the solution would have been to buy an indoor kennel. This would keep the dog contained while the couple was out.


Sometimes my dog gets in trash can we come home I have dog hand the trash back to me no joke she's so cool…


The dog know just like kids. Be strict or they will do it again


the dog obviously had separation issues, dog crate w/ toys, t.v. left on , long walks could help, understand your breed and its needs help with a happy pet and pet owners, all else fails call the dog whisperer.


She must of liked the dog alot more than she liked him lol