Perkins Police
Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 9:41am
Old Railroad and Strub roads, caller said trash bag on side of the road contained human remains. Police opened bad and found it contained only leaves.


he said she said

So why did the caller say there was a body in the bag? Did they think this a funny? What a waste of police time...


Reading This brings back a great memory when I was a teenager I was driving with some friends and we saw a bag on the road that looked like a body was in. We were soo scared. We almost called police but we had my brother come look at it and he opened it up and it was a potted plant and a bunch ch of leaves. It really looked like a person. I guess the caller should have poked it first. But you never know


I want what she was drinking.....or smoking. It must be the good sh@@