Perkins Police
Saturday, September 29, 2012 - 1:13pm
Milan Road and Kalahari Drive, report of a sporadic driver. Vehicle found at gas station, driver became upset when police contacted him. “I want the name of the person who called. I was eating a banana,” he told the officer. No violations found.



And that is how the banana splits. LOL Moral of story, don't eat and drive.

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Was the driver detained while their papers were checked? Were they authorized to leave the Kalahari Grounds? I hear these rogue monkeys can be pretty disobedient when pulled over for a traffic stop!


I do not understand why people get so upset when they are questioned. IF you did NOTHING wrong, what is the big deal? So the cop your info, answer the questions, and go on your way. When you make a big deal out of it and get all huffy and puffy, that is usually when the police FIND something to arrest you on. Many forget they are just doing their job and checking on things OTHERS reported.


You are right. And, if someone had reported this person and the police hadn't checked him out, and he caused an accident or a death, the officer would still be the scapegoat.

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"sporadic driver"? That's a new one on me...