Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. SANDUSKY POLICE Wednesday, Sept. 6 5:04 p.m. - 500 block Taylor St., 6-year-old boy keeps throwing things over the fence into neighbor's yard, including a half-eaten chicken breast. Neighbor told him to stop; boy said, "Get a bigger fence.' Child's mother and police officer told him to stop throwing things over the fence.



Looks like part of the story was accidentally deleted, the part about the little brat getting the whipping of his life.

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While I go get 'a bigger belt', pick up the stuff you threw over the fence and while you're down there pick up your teeth that I just knocked out of your mouth for dissrespecting adults....



I would have gotten my  a.ss busted  for that one.


I agree. Take a board out of that "not tall enough" fence and paddle that disrespectful misbehaving boy's behind! After that, he can pick up everything he threw over the fence AND pick up all of the trash on his block as a penalty for wasting police time when they've got more important things to do.


What a Brat..Make him go around & pick up the trash he throws over there, then bust his behind..Thats whats wrong with these kids..If anyone of us would have done something like that, our behinds would be burning..


HAHAHAH!!!  we all know that that kid needs his behind whipped but we also know that we would go to jail for giving him exactly what he needs.  the sad thing is the kids all know it too!

once upon a time i had a little boy who went to the store with his friends, instead of spending the money he had in his pocket they all stole some small crazy thing.  they got caught and the police called me.  i went to get him i grabbed him up and the police said if you hit him you will go to jail. he learned then that i had NO POWER .  he told the judge when she asked him why he stole when he clearly had enough money his reply was," i didnt want to spend my money" NO LESSON WAS LEARNED. the line between child abuse and discipline got blurred and now these little monsters are going to rule the world.  there are no consequences anymore. 

i live in a neighborhood full of kids that are the example of this.


It is taught to them in school and everywhere else....if someone touches you or yells at you that is abuse and you need to tell the police.  Children have NO respect for anyone!  I agree if we had done the things that kids today do, we would have been blistered, grounded and locked in our rooms.  I have said it once and I will say it again...I will gladly sit my butt in jail for disciplining my child, than to allow them to have NO respect and doing STUPID things and gettin arrested themselves.  I try to teach my kids right and get dirty looks and comments made.  I once had a woman yell at ME for telling my small children (twins that were under the age of 5) to "grab the cart" This was a thing we used to keep the little hands out of all the JUNK by the registers waiting in line.  I never touched them, I never yelled at them, I told them to grab the cart.  This woman behind me in line shot me a dirty look and then proceeded to tell me how horrible I was and that this technique was mean and uncalled for, then told me I needed to rethink MY decisions on how to take care of my children before someone called the police!  This is what is wrong with kids.  They do what they want, when they want, how they want.  To H3LL with anyone else.. ..and they know NOONE will stop them cuz they can just call the police!


I have 3 teenage boys and when they were little I spanked them and today they are all well adjusted young men who have never been in trouble and get good grades in school. If I had small children would I spank them today if they needed it YES I WOULD!


Some years ago, I had a friend with a tween-aged son who knew perfectly well that she couldn't smack him or he could report her for abuse. Know what she did? Posted the phone number for Children's Services on her fridge and told him to go ahead and report her if he felt like it. Of course, that would mean he'd be put into foster care. And that would mean his only visits with his Mummy would have to be supervised, at least for awhile. And that would mean he'd probably have to go to counseling, etc. and so on.

You know what? The kid never used the number. Kids aren't stupid. They'll try to get away with whatever they think they can get away with, and when faced with consequences, they WON'T. Funny how that works, isn't it? Maybe we ought to try the same with adults, too...


When I was a kid, the neighborhood kept an eye on all kids.  If  Nancy caught you doing something wrong around the corner you got swatted by her and then by the time you got home, Nancy had already called your mom and dad and you got it worse.

That was when a good old fashioned a$$ whooping was what you got...a good leather belt or strap.  No police and no children services.  We knew our place and if we stepped out of it, our parents gladly put us back in it.

When I had kids, oh yeah, they got it too.  I'm not saying they are angels, I certainly wasn't an angel, but when it comes to if the whoopins they got as kids affected their life negatively?  No.  They both have educations, good jobs, and their own homes.

They teach this in school that if your parent's touch you, call the police.  My youngest told me that one day when he came home from school.  All I could say was 'Really?  That's what they told you?'.  Well, the Dare officer met me the next day and I am quite sure he didn't like what I had to say.  I told him, 'This is my son.  Mr and Mrs. X brought him into this world not the Sandusky Police; I don't recall any officers being in the room or in the bed.  If my child needs to have his a$$ whooped, then he is going to get it.  If he picks up my phone to call you, then you will be arresting me because I will whoop him for what he did wrong and then do it again for using my phone without my permission.'

Growing up I heard this alot...'A hard head makes a soft a$$'


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LOL, When we were six we would climb up a ladder onto the garage roof and jump off, over the neighbors chain link fence and into their yard then ran like hell to do it again. Kids now are whimps!

I just read all the comments and I am a parent of a 9 and 11 year old. My first instinct would be to hit my kids because 1) I would have been hit by my parents 30 years ago if I did that and 2) I would have hit out of anger.

Lucky for me, I think through things a bit. I think respect CAN be taught without hitting kids.

The ideas of making the kid pick up his thrown trash AND any neighborhood trash would make him respect that fact that SOME one has to pick up what is thrown. And that it is not an easy job to pick up trash thrown by careless people. [Work smarter, not harder! Don't throw things in the first place!]

I live in a neighborhood that has a school and school playground. My 11-year old came home and told me some known neighborhood boys peed down the slide. My 1st question? Was my 9 year old involved? Because, damned straight, we would be marching down to that school with a bucket of hot soapy water and a bucket of rinse water and I would have made him scrub that slide!!!!!

Again, don't discount the fact that a lesson can be taught without hitting. I think some experts call it Natural Consequences, i.e. you throw it, you pick it up. The punishment has to fit the crime.

We just have to be more creative and not act on our first impulse. Oh, leading by example helps, too!


Oh, and as this child is picking up neighborhood trash, I would reinforce, "This is not the NEIGHBOR'S fault YOU are out doing this. It is not the NEIGHBOR'S fault they called the police. It is YOUR fault for choosing to pick up items and choosing to toss those items in places it doesn't belong. YOU got this whole ball rolling! YOU make things happen - good or bad."


............................After the whoopin' this brat would be going to bed hungry for throwing food away! I'd love for the cops to tell me I can't dicipline my child within reason for disrespecting others and wasting their time. No wonder society is the way it is! 


 A little advice. When your teenager threatens to call the police on you for disicipline call their bluff. Take them down to the police station and charge them with being unruly. Let them spend a night or two at the detention center.

Someone has to be in charge and it shouldn't be your child.  


That six year old has a mouth on him.  He's lucky I am not his mama, he would have trouble sitting for the next week. 

You do not throw things over anyone's fence.  It isn't the trash barrel.  You don't talk back to an adult and you sure don't talk back to the cops. 

You talk back to ME and you will find sitting down will be a chore for you for the next week. 

Some parents have NO control over their kids and obviously this mother is one of them.  Take charge of this kid before he gets much farther out of control or he will be walking all over everyone within the next few years.  Good luck with that. 

He will continue to be in the police reports.  He has no respect for anything...obviously. 


kid needs his a$$ beat.


Oh, yeah, big time