Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. PERKINS POLICE WEDNESDAY, AUG. 22 4:14 a.m. - 3000 block Milan Road, mini golf and go cart track owner caught a bunch of hooligans skateboarding on go cart track, owner block hooligans' pickup with dump truck then scared them off track, when police pulled up girls jumped in back of pickup which sped off before they could get all the way in, police caught up and found driver was legally drunk; Gunnar Camp, 19, 1400 block Pearl St., operating vehicle intoxicated, underage consumption, criminal trespass, reckless operation; Kristin Hellman, 22, 600 block E. Washington St., criminal trespass; Christopher Lilly, 19, 500 block Pearl St., criminal trespass; Chastity Furmanek, 20, 300 block Hancock St., criminal trespass. For the full daily police blotter from agencies across the area, pick up the Register or check out the e-paper.



 my point exactly..


Can you get a ticket for "drunken skateboarding"?....lol.  Seriously, they should throw the book at them.  They haven't anything better to do than this then they deserve to get arressted and thrown in the hoosgow!  Isn't that what they do with  hooligans? 


wiredmama222: Agree! What is up with these "old" teenagers? Sounds like they party all night and sleep all day. When do they work? Oops, they probably don't. Parents if these people are living with you "KICK THEM OUT" and make them GROW UP!!


 Listen to yourselves Wiredmama222 and grandmasgirl... Professional bloggers you are? All day everyday sitting at your computers commenting on the "news" 14 seconds after a story drops then commenting on comments... What is up with you? Sounds like you blog all day and late at night. When do you work? Oops, you probably don't... "Seriously, they should throw the book at them" you say? For what? Skateboarding on a go-kart track? Get a grip.. At least they are not smoking crack and robbing your garden shed you judgemental cranky old coots. Go do something with your day besides sitting around turning molehills into mountains. These kids deserve nothing more than a slap on the wrist as a reminder to keep the fun legal. Throw the book at them.... Jesus...


Hey, TheIrish, why don't you read the article before you make foolish comments. They were DRIVING DRUNK for one thing. The driver was underage too. And then they bring attention to themselves by skateboarding on the go cart track. Since when is that deserving of only a slap on the wrist? The other 2 comments are, unfortunately, probably dead on. It's unproductive losers like this that unfairly give Sandusky a bad rep. I'd be willing to bet they don't have jobs and mooch off their parents or the government. And I'm not a cranky old coot. I'm 25.


 I did read the article. It was designed to imply he was smashed. If you read it though, it says he was legally drunk which for someone under age is like one beer inside of two hours. Besides, only one person drove the truck. I bet you he was not smashed in fact. I agree with you about Sandusky's reputation, but I think it is more for the shootings, drug activity, burglaries, robberies, etc.. than the bored kids that might have drank a beer and went on a skateboarding adventure. I also want to adress the assumptions that these 19-22 year old people are mooches, unproductive losers, don't have jobs, and/or live with their parents...   GREAT! You have a job! Do you know how many grown men and women with years of experience do not? They are 19-22. I hope they are in college. But if not, they are 19-22.

Yup you are right, we gotta really make em squeal for this one boy.. They really crossed the line this time.. Pull your head out of your keister, stand up straight, wipe the sludge from your eyes and focus on what is important... Stop making assumptions that just because these kids ride a skateboard they are losers. I ran with skateboarders when I was in school and college and many of them are lawyers, business owners, and medical professionals that specialize in advanced treatment.

I'm glad I am not quick to make assumptions like you are.. Who knows what one could assume about a 25 year old with a screen name like RAMROD.... 


So it's okay for you to ASSUME how much they had to drink but the rest of us aren't allowed to make logical assumptions based on the FACTS of the article? You should be a defense attorney because you love to hear yourself talk and make excuses for people committing crimes.

I don't think they're losers because they skateboard. I think they're losers because they drive drunk underage (or with someone who is), sneak onto private property, act like idiots and run from the cops. I have no doubt that your friends who skateboarded as kids are successful now. None of us are saying the hobby is what makes them "hooligans." We're just saying their actions do.

And I think most people would just assume I like to hunt.


Ok first of all unless you know the kids please shut up cause I personally know 2 of them and they never even left the parking lot so there was no trying to run away and the article even says that the owner of goffy golf had their truck blocked so how could they and no I dont condon underage drinking but you cant stop kids from doing what they want and you cant tell me that you are all perfect. I know for a fact that at least 2 of them  have jobs and the others are trying to get a job I am a adult and it took me months to find a job and I have expereince. So grandmasgirl unless you know them personally please keep to your self and no I am not a friend of thier I am a parent of thier fiends. If this is the worst thing that they do good cause you have kids out there shooting people and beating people up.And they had their day in court and fessed up to what they did not like some kids these day trying to blame what they do on everyone else.

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.


Funny how some people on here think theirs is the only opinion that counts. The fact remains that these "kids" were trespassing and drinking. That means they are breaking the law. And just to let you know "theirish" I don't spend the day blogging. I spend most of my time volunteering, something that these "kids" could do with their free time. If they hadn't broken the law, they wouldn't have had to go to court. AND, I know lots of skateboarders that do it legally at a skateboard park. This world is not a playground for ones who think they can do anything with no consequences. And if you know someone connected to these people, why don't you invite them over to your house and let them play? And make sure you have good insurance so that if they get hurt, you have enough money to pay up.


BTW "theirish":  I just read your comments. Posted at 9:53, 11:51, 12:13 (different story) and 12:28. That's almost 2 1/2 hours. Surely you weren't blogging that whole time. Don't you have anything else to do with your life? When do you work? Go do something with your day other than sitting around and turning molehills into mountains.


They're punks and they deserve to go to jail. I can't believe there are people on here dumb enough to defend them. Their friends must be just like them.



One really CAN break the law and "skate". As long as you don't get caught. If you do get caught, there are consequences. Simple and easy.


The law does not specify anything about friends and family coming up to support someone after they have broken the law. Especially telling the cops or attorneys/council and judges that they are good people and they really didn't mean to do that and they don't deserve this punishment. The law is the law. Deal with it.


I( think you can get a DUI if you are on anything with wheels. I know people who have gotten them riding a bicycle.


When I was 22  I was working 10 to 12 hours a day.