Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. PERKINS POLICE SATURDAY, JUNE 23 8:58 p.m. -- 600 block W. Perkins Ave., Norman V. Taylor Jr., 50, Parma, assault. Driver at Sandusky Speedway allegedly caused Taylor to crash and damage his race car. Taylor said the same person caused him to crash about four times in the past year. The driver said Taylor reached into to his car, grabbed him by the front part of his helmet and began punching his face.



Oh Boohoo!!  Get over yourself.  The other driver apparently drives better than you do!  You are in a vehicle, going over what constitutes safe speeds, there is a big chance that you will crash!  Stop your whining or take your car and go home.



Let me get this straight. The police are now regulating races? No more "Rubbing is racing"? This guy shouldnt be on a race track if everyone has to stay away from him or he will call the cops.


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Really? A guy punched another guy in the face. Thats assault. A police issue. They are not regulating races. It doesnt matter where you get assaulted, you can call the police. Dirty racing is dirty racing, you cant call the police for that. But you can track him down, kick his @ss and wait for the cops to show up. He will get a fine and probation and he has a better story to tell than the guy that got his @ss kicked! I would have done the same thing!


I hope ADHD gets their @ss kicked for these repeating posts obviously put on here from being jealous of something.



rickross...agree that  ADHD has an issue but NO FACTS or a story to tell !!!!!!

Captain Gutz

I heard the party was at ADHD's house, until his mom came home.


ADHD   That is really inappropriate and I turned u in for it.  Whatever you have to gripe about, take it elsewhere.  Just saying its inappropriate to list an address on here.