Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. ERIE COUNTY SHERIFF SUNDAY, FEB. 26 10:38 p.m. - 7000 block Kalahari Drive, resort employee found toddler sleeping on floor of dark room alone, deputies found mother who said she went to be with her boyfriend at the arcade, had only been gone about 25 minutes; Joshua Pfeil, 29, Westlake, endangering child; Brigitt Allen, 26, Westlake, endangering child. For the full daily police blotter from agencies across the area, pick up the Register or check out the e-paper.



I'm glad this mother has her priorities straight!!!!!. Selfish, selfish woman!!!! Take the child away before he has a chance to learn that he isn't important in this woman's life.

Seen it All

ONLY been gone 25 mins?  ALOT can happen in that amount of time!  Would expect something like this from parents who were  19 and 16...but at age 29 and 26!?!?!


Yes, because getting past Level 12 on Donkey Kong Country Returns,  is soooo important!


Wow!  Look at where Mommy and her boyfriend live.  Proof this ignorant behavior exists among people of all income brackets.


I understand this being wrong, But im also wondering why the employee was in a the room.


I was wondering the same thing lugnut..


 The article in the paper states the employee was delivering a crib.


 Of course this happens everywhere. Did anyone believe that it's only IN THE HOOD ?? Come on now. I am sure this won't have as many comments as the OTHER weirdo couple who left their kid alone on Perry St...but hey, I wouldn't expect it to.


I have to ask the same question?  Why were the employees in that room? I  am not condoning what she did. Perhaps it was divine intervention.  If they were delivering a crib she could have waited.  But you never leave a child alone in a HOTEL unattended and go off for a good time. 


I'm sure these are the same kind of people that would have cried FOUL when something horrible happened (thank the stars it didnt).  What if the toddler woke up and left the room? Someone grabbed the child, he fell down stairs, went missing, or any other number of things.  These parents would have been crying that secuirty wasnt tight enough, that the rooms were not child proof, the stairs should have gates on them, etc etc.  When are people going to GROW UP and take responsibilty for their children.  Where or when is it EVER appropriate to leave a toddler alone in a hotel.  


ladydye5.....when babies stop having babies and so many of them.  That is when they will develop a sense of responsibility   You cannot teach a "child" an adult responsilbility before their time to learn it.  It simply is impossible. 

The conception isn't their......(wrong conception, dear...I mean the one in their HEAD!) LOL...Just having fun with you.  LOL 


 Lol wiredmama...I thought you meant, Contraception is not THERE..Haha


"when babies stop having babies and so many of them. That is when they will develop a sense of responsibility You cannot teach a "child" an adult responsilbility before their time to learn it. It simply is impossible."   i agree wiredmama. we have a large generation gap where parents no longer teach children rersponsibility. schools teach sex education. maybe schools should teach moral behavior and responsibility since the parents won't. many kids today emulate their parents. some parents are good parents who instill moral and responsible behavior. sadly some parents are not good role models.