Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. CASTALIA POLICE WEDNESDAY, FEB. 1 9:46 a.m. - Margaretta High School, student came to class late, sending text messages on cell phone. Student pushed teacher who tried take phone; student suspended 10 days with recommendation for expulsion. For the full daily police blotter from agencies across the area, pick up the Register or check out the e-paper.



All these kids getting into trouble with phones , WHO IS PAYING FOR THEM ,I think parents should take the phones and computers away . Maybe like that guy that shot up the laptop.


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The days of kids having respect or maybe even a bit of fear of adults is GONE.  Kids today have NO respect, no discipline, no fear of authortiy.  Kids are taught from a young age that if an adult talks bad to you, touches you, or lays their hands on you CALL THE COPS, it is ABUSE.  Parents allow this behavior because the kids do it to the parents too.  Alot of parents are all about being a friend not a parent.  This whole generation is of the entitlement generation.  I want it when I want it, how i want it, and you will get it for me or else.  It is time for the parents to take control back.


couldn't have said it better, ladydye_5!

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They need to kick his (her) butt out of school. I would say that he needs to go to juvie for a while, but that place is way to nice. That's another thing wrong with the system. Cells are as nice as they can be. God forbid that someone who has committed a crime can't have the best of everything. Saw a special on jails. They have a shelf of books, tv, even a pet cat. Food and health care is given. Yea, lets treat them real good so they don't care if they do something wrong.


Margaretta has rules about cell phones at school....TURN THEM OFF, PUT THEM AWAY.  If this student was texting, he knew a teacher would take that phone.  The minute he laid hands on that teacher, he knew he was in for it. 

I agree with ladydye. Kids no days have NO fear of reprisal because they fear no consequences. They aren't taught any.  I don't care what district they live in or if where they come from....some kids just have no respect because they aren't taught respect.

It does NO harm to teach a child that if you do this....this will happen.  In short, spanking is NOT child abuse.  Beating IS.  Maybe it is time to stop giving so much lee-way to a child and make them a little "afraid" of consequences.  Most of us who are complaining about kids "nowdays" were disciplined with spanking. 

This "new age" spanking lowers IQ's and scars them psychologically is rubbish.  What we have since that stopped are kids out of control who think they are entitled to EVERYTHING. 

Sorry, just my opinion, but my kids are raised, got spanked and I had no problems with them with drugs, alcohol or this kind of behavior.  They are raising theirs the same way and their kids are fine.  So I guess it depends on the PARENT too. 

This kid obviously has no upbringing.  But he has money for a phone

Sue Meredith

Schools need to require that cell phones be turned off as soon as the student enters the school. Or better yet, ban cells from the schools entirely.


i was in walmart the other day. i saw a couple who were walking around the store with a shopping cart and they both had their cell phones to their ear. minutes later the shopping cart was empty and they are both yacking away. do people ever put their cell phones down and pay attention to what they are doing?


Short of suspension or expulsion there are few deterrents for classroom knuckleheads.  How effective corporal punishment is (was) can be debated, but, if the kid wants to play let the rules apply.  Look at the bright side, now the kid has all the time in the world to text. 


I agree with Eightballcue1.  Cell phones should not be allowed in school.  Class rooms are for learning, NOT for gossiping or chitty chatting or whatever else goes on while the phones are buzzing.  Students, get over your selves and get an education!!!  Parents should enforce  No cell phones allowed at school !!!  If an emergency comes up, there are plenty of phones at the school with plenty of people to address the situation. 

I also agree with ladydye_5.  The entitlement generation is full of spoiled rotten brats.  When I was a kid and I broke a rule, I got punished and I'm not talking a time out either.  It's time for parents set down real rules that they stick to without a wimper.  Parents, YOU are the boss.  NOT your kids. 



Student should be charged with assault.