Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. SANDUSKY POLICE SUNDAY, JAN. 1 6:07 p.m. - 1000 block Wayne St., woman parked car, went inside house, an intruder emerged from bedroom and grabbed her by throat, woman wrenched loose, ran to hospital, police found condom wrapper lying on kitchen floor. For the full daily police blotter from agencies across the area, pick up the Register or check out the e-paper.



any finger prints on the condom wrapper to match up with known creeps?


That is so scary. I hope this woman has family and friends to help her feel safe after an incident like that. So so so scary


Wow, that's more than a blotter item. How terrifying for her.


Blotter item? BLOTTER ITEM?!? This one warrants a full report! As a City resident — and a woman! — not only do I WANT details, I think I need and DESERVE details!


 More info please ! 


Oh, crap.  What is this?????  Do we now have a city wide rapist?????? or intended rapist?????? 

Sarah Weber

We called the police department and asked for the incident report. I'll post it here when we get it.