Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. ERIE COUNTY SHERIFF WEDNESDAY, DEC. 28 6:41 a.m. - 7200 block Wahl Road, Vickery, woman told police neighbor was out of control and seemed to be on drugs, neighbors told deputies he'd found Jesus in prison and didn't do drugs anymore. For the full daily police blotter from agencies across the area, pick up the Register or check out the e-paper.



What was Jesus in for ?   ; )


Walking into 7-11 without shoes on.


You guys made me laugh. And this early in the morning, it wasn't easy. I love my Lord, and I think he would be laughing right along with me. How do you guys think of comebacks like this?


Grandmasgirl , glad you enjoyed . Sometimes you just gotta laugh , HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!


Geeze, wonder what he was doing that made him seem "out of control"?  The report doesn't say. 

But glad to hear the guy found Jesus in the joint, instead of a joint in the joint. 

Funny, they all seem to find Jesus there,,,,and I was looking for him in church.  Guess I picked the wrong place to look.