Joseph Sandy, 33, could face death penalty if convicted.
8:45 PM Nov 11, 2014
Also indicted: Alleged mastermind in $150,000 jewel heist
8:22 AM May 29, 2014
Suspect’s husband accused of being accomplice, attended victim’s funeral as pallbearer
12:06 PM May 24, 2014
Sandusky police arrested a suspect this morning in the Dec. 3 murder of 86-year-old Campbell Street man George Martin.
5:57 PM May 23, 2014
“They said they’re not accusing me of murdering my husband, but indirectly they are. I’m the number one suspect, so that tells me they’re accusing me of this”
11:27 AM Mar 25, 2014
Officers continue to investigate George Martin's death, focus on his family and friends
10:00 AM Mar 8, 2014
The Ohio State Fire Marshal’s office originally offered $5,000 to anyone with information in the case, but a donor has now offered to match that reward.
7:35 AM Feb 13, 2014
Investigators continue working on leads, BCI focused on DNA profiles.
7:17 AM Feb 7, 2014
Sandusky police are zero for one in their attempt to use DNA evidence to identify George Martin’s killer.
9:19 AM Jan 16, 2014
Construction workers damaged the lawn of murder victim George Martin this week while working to build a gas station at Perkins Avenue and Campbell Street.
8:32 PM Jan 11, 2014


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