12:00 PM May 6, 2014
How does someone report a street light that is not working? The city's website link to report street light outages no longer works. Gary on Pearl Street
12:00 PM May 1, 2014
Can you please give a contact number to address the pot holes in the streets. Especially the residential areas. East Parish off Cleveland Road is terrible. Theresa via email
12:00 PM May 2, 2014
It wasn't that long ago that the difference between regular and premium gas was 20 cents. Now at many places it is over 40 cents. Are there any county, state or federal agencies that regularly check gas stations to insure the public is actually receiving premium fuel instead of regular to see if there is indeed a difference in the octane as advertised? Kerry in Huron
12:00 PM Apr 30, 2014
Who is paying to clean up the Ohio Turnpike after all the cars were piled up and stuck for hours? Will it be taxpayers or the companies whose trucks were driving during the Level 3 snow emergency? Linda in Sandusky
12:00 PM Apr 29, 2014
Was the puppy removed from this home? Kim via Facebook
12:00 PM Apr 28, 2014
I live in an apartment building where I suspect my neighbors of smoking marijuana. The smell comes out into the hallway and has made its way into other apartments. The landlord is out of town. Do I have enough cause or reason to contact the police department? Jon from downtown Sandusky
12:00 PM Apr 25, 2014
When will the workers start planting the date back by the clock? Manny in Sandusky
12:00 PM Apr 24, 2014
I haven't seen the statue in Washington Park. Do you know when it's coming back? Chrissy in Sandusky
12:00 PM Apr 23, 2014
There are three traffic lights at Ohio 101 and Ohio 2. One goes into the gas station area and the other two are at the exit ramps for Ohio 2 getting onto Ohio 101. Back when we had all the really bad snow, the southern-most light got switched from a "tripped" light to one that cycles through on its own. Are they ever going to change it back like it was before? Becca in Castalia
12:00 PM Apr 22, 2014
I have a lot of old books like textbooks and children's books. Is there anything I can do to get rid of them without throwing them in the dumpster? Don from Erie County
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