I haven't seen an update about Rebecca Schroyer since January 2013. What ever became of her charges for killing that man on Ohio 60? Pete in Sandusky
12:00 PM Jun 10, 2014
I would like to know why every time I take my pit bull down to Ohio Bike Week, I get told to leave. I walk past several police officers who just smile and wave, then one comes up to me and says, “Due to health department regulations, dogs are not allowed down here.” Then, they have four officers escort me out. So I take my dog home and return downtown only to see dogs all over the place. I am getting tired of being treated this way. It is not fair to judge my dog by the breed. Jess from Sandusky
12:00 PM Jun 9, 2014
I know for years that the Erie County clerk of courts office said they would put up online court documetnts. Do you know when they'll be up? Will in Sandusky
12:00 PM Jun 6, 2014
Now that summer is upon us and exercising outdoors is a more viable option, I was wondering which area high school tracks were open to the taxpayers for use? Jim in Perkins
12:00 PM Jun 5, 2014
I'm wondering where some good places are to fish? Lisa on Tiffin Avenue
10:30 AM Jun 4, 2014
Why are there no pools in Sandusky? As a tourist town, you would think we'd have one. Locals don't always want to pay for tickets to go to Cedar Point to enjoy some water time. Lisa on Tiffin Avenue
12:00 PM Jun 3, 2014
What was the purpose of the "at speed limit" police escort this past Friday around 11 a.m. that pulled out from Huron High School? The lead escort ran lights and sirens and was followed by a school bus, three other vehicles and a rear police escort running lights only and no siren. They proceeded up Cleveland Road to Rye Beach Road, where they turned and all got on Ohio 2 heading west. Red from Huron
12:00 PM Jun 2, 2014
I have properties on Grand Avenue that are flooding from sewer problems. Is the city of Norwalk aware of this? What are they doing to solve this? Dennis in Norwalk
12:00 PM May 30, 2014
What's the status of Sandusky city commission downsizing from seven elected commissioners to five elected commissioners? Mark in Sandusky
12:00 PM May 29, 2014
How does EHOVE pay for awards, such as cars and other high-value items, to students? Lila via email
12:00 PM May 28, 2014


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