I live near, but not close, to the railroad crossing at Pipe Street. It seems that the air horns on the trains have gotten a lot louder recently. In 2005, the Federal Railroad Administration set a maximum train horn volume of 110 decibels at 100 feet. It seems like it is 110 decibels from three blocks away. I support railroad safety, but the sounding of horns at crossings — two long, one short, one long — are really loud. Is it possible the trains have gotten louder and are exceeding the maximum loudness level? Jeff on Cleveland Road
12:00 PM Jul 9, 2014
At the corner of Strub and Old Railroad, just west of the Wolff Bros., that is being completely cleared of trees. Is somethig going on out there? Deb on the west side
12:00 PM Jul 8, 2014
Is there going to be a Perkins Schools levy on the August ballot? Hank on Columbus Avenue
12:00 PM Jul 7, 2014
When the roots of a neighbor's large tree travel to your backyard, what can you do about it? When the branches of a neighbor's large tree hang over your backyard and house, what can you do about it? When a large branch breaks off, hits your house twice and lands outside your kitchen window, what can you do about it? I would like some advice from someone who would know on what to do? Anonymous via email
12:00 PM Jul 3, 2014
I'm interested in figuring out all the different local places where you can watch fireworks. Where can I go? Mark in Sandusky
12:00 PM Jul 2, 2014
An updated response regarding makeup of Catholic school's board of directors
12:00 PM Jul 1, 2014
I noticed that the notable sign fastened above Needle Dick's Tattoo Parlor on Columbus Avenue in downtown Sandusky has been removed. Do you know why? Jason via email
12:00 PM Jun 30, 2014
Thursday afternoon, I walked past a house on Lawrence Street, and an ambulance with flashing lights was there as were three police squad cars. There was a crowd of looky-loos standing 20 to 30 feet away around a central group of maybe 10 or 12 people. Then on Friday morning, I walked by the same house. A young woman was on the porch wearing full hazard gear, including a mask. She was scrubbing on the front porch. Later on, I observed a bright sign taped to the door that said, "Do not enter. Ozone generator in use." Now I know that ozone generators are used both to eliminate strong odors as well as to sterilize areas contaminated by bacteria. Something happened at this house but what? Kathryn via email.
12:00 PM Jun 27, 2014
I was driving from Norwalk recently and noticed the Farmers Quality Market on U.S. 250 looks closed. I tried to call but the number is disconnected. Did they move or is the business closed? Sarah via email
12:00 PM Jun 26, 2014
Tourists coming in town see the eyesore west of Herman's Furniture that used to have various restaurants there. Now it's empty and in need of a good cleanup. Who is responsible for mowing the property? Mark in Sandusky
12:00 PM Jun 25, 2014


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