12:00 PM Jan 3, 2014
Do you have news or an update about Trooper the deer? Have any decisions been made? Michelle via email
12:00 PM Jan 2, 2014
I'm curious what ever happeend with one of the officers invovled in a love triangle with his supervisor and the supervisor's wife. Has he returned to the force? Jane in Sandusky
12:00 PM Jan 1, 2014
Here's your chance to ask a question.
12:00 PM Dec 31, 2013
I just want to know can we get a exercise park with pull up bars, dip station, sit up boards, obstacle trails, etc? Darien via Facebook
12:00 PM Dec 30, 2013
I'm wondering if the township will get a new website. Sometime I like to view the meeting minutes, but they're not always available. Do you know what's going on? Mark in Perkins
12:00 PM Dec 27, 2013
I haven't see people working at the Rieger during the past few days. Did something happened? Various phone calls into newsroom
12:00 PM Dec 24, 2013
I would like to take a ride about the area and look at the various homes with outstanding Christmas light displays. Do you know where I could find them? Jimbo in Norwalk.
12:00 PM Dec 25, 2013
The city of Sandusky was scheduled to pick up leaves in my zone on Dec 5-6 and Dec 9-11. They never showed for any of those dates and my street is still lined with leaves. Are they planning on picking up the leaves? Sara on Wayne Street
12:00 PM Dec 26, 2013
I noticed the traffic lights at the intersection of Columbus Avenue and West Parish Street are not up. Did I miss something? Sarah in Sandusky, Michael on McKinley Street, Charles in Sandusky
12:00 PM Dec 23, 2013
Why isn't the Ohio Veterans Home decorated with Christmas lights this year? Lisa in Milan
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