Aug 20, 2014

Is the Lions Park splash pad working?

What is going on with the splash pad at Lions Park? I live very near to it and enjoy it a lot. But sometimes it is on, and sometimes it is not. Has something malfunctioned? Treva in Sandusky

Sandusky chief planner Rebecca Corrigan provided the following response:

The splash pad runs on a sensor that is located at the southeast side of the pad. If activated, it will run for a 15-minute cycle. It needs to be activated to run. It operates from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Memorial Day to Labor Day.

I go there all the time. I was actually there one time and had to tell the families to activate the sensor to get it going. Our general services and water department employees also check on the functionality of it and see if it's working.

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