Aug 4, 2014

When does Mr. Hero open?

When is Mr. Hero opening in Sandusky? DJ from Monroe Street

Mr. Hero, the new sandwich shop located on Milan Road near Meijer, opened this past week.

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It is open already, just saw the open sign lit last week.


It opened July 25th

Taxed Enough Already

I love the Roman Burger...I have missed that place.


ME TOO Taxed! I will be getting me one real soon!


I went last week and bought my daughter and Husband a large Roman burger and myself a large Cheese Steak. It took over an hour and cost me $28.00. All the sandwiches were made wrong, I tried calling for 3 days, they either never answered or the phone was "busy" all 3 days. We still love Mr. Hero, but will NEVER go back to this one.