Aug 1, 2014

Who are the new asst. principals at SCCS?

I heard Sandusky Central Catholic School recently hired two assistant principals. Is this true? Joe in Sandusky

The school did hire two new assistant principals for the upcoming school year, school spokeswoman Emily Kasper confirmed this week via email.

The new hires are:

• Lisa MacMurray, assistant principal and curriculum and instruction director for grades K-12.

• Ryan Wikel, assistant principal for student services. He will also serve as co-athletic director with Denny Faber, and is the school's varsity football coach.

The pair will work alongside principals Paula Roth, grades P-5, and Dennis Antonelli, for grades 6-12, who the school also hired for the upcoming school year.

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God Of Thunder

Man.....I don't care...


They really are doing other jobs. The assistant part means they are the go to person when the principal is not available. Both are top notch individuals.