Jul 10, 2014

What happened to the bus shelter near Sandusky Mall

I remember an article in the Register about local officials working toward constructing a bus shelter near where the Sandusky Mall and Target is. What ever happened with that? I sometimes see people standing out on a narrow grassy island waiting for the bus. Alex in Perkins Township

In January 2013, the Register reported a joint interest between Sandusky Transit administrators and Sandusky Mall executives on building a shuttle shelter near the mall.

No such shelter, however, ever popped up.

But Alex's question might have finally sparked officials to finally install a shelter there.

Sandusky Mall spokesman Joe Bell provided the following response:

In 2009, officials at the Sandusky Transit System (SPARC) contacted us about creating a bus stop with a shelter at Sandusky Mall.  We drew up a plan for such a stop but SPARC never took action on it or even responded to our idea.  In the ensuing five years, no one from the transit system has even attempted to contact us. 

If I were you, I'd check with the administrator over at Sandusky Transit System to see if there has even been any interest in establishing a new stop.   We'd be happy to listen to any suggestions he might have.

Sandusky Transit administrator Thomas Schwan then wrote the following:

I did not realize that this was moving forward. We are absolutely excited about a stop and shelter for SPARC. I would like to have the Sandusky Mall's ideas on this.

The responses seem a bit puzzling, considering both Bell and Schwan said in a January 2013 Register article they'd work toward building a shelter in this area. Let's see if this ends up happening...

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What the heck? Stupidity on both sides. Looks like the Sandusky mall sent an email and never followed up to see what was going on and said "oh well" and then SPARC never heard from the Sandusky Mall and also said "oh well."


That spot is long overdue for a shelter or at least a bench! Mostly young people standing in a parking lot or median, no cover over head, vulnerable to passing cars. Get er done Sandusky Mall!!!