Jul 8, 2014

What's happening near Strub and Old Railroad roads?

At the corner of Strub and Old Railroad, just west of the Wolff Bros., that is being completely cleared of trees. Is somethig going on out there? Deb on the west side

Perkins zoning inspector Paul Leslie provided the following response:

We had a lot split come thru in that area that I approved. I believe this was approximately a 27-acre parcel that they dived into two separate pieces of land. Mills Creek would be the split line.

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This was a worthless answer. Was there a building permit? Residential? Commercial?
You can't pull a weed in Perkins Twp. without a permit.


I ran into the owner of the property down at the crow bar last night. He said he's trying to get permits cleared for a clothing optional go kart track


I heard its going to be low income housing .


Storage units


I heard they were going to clear out a bunch of trees in hopes that Ted Turner would bring back Captain Planet. The property owner is a big fan of mullets...

The Bizness

I heard it was going to be a big pile of who gives a ****


Perkins new school site, ha, ha. No, I think Gunner is building a home for himself.


Perkins new school site, ha, ha. No, I think Gunner is building a home for himself.


From What I have heard from the Guys that are working on the site it will is what will be Ohio Largest Strip Club Called "The Pole Position" Alone with the "Happy Landing" oriental massage.


Oh my gosh those were the best comments ever!!!!! Hahahaha!!!!!

Darwin's choice

Joe Yost is going to put in a housing development/trailer park....

After seeing what he and obama can do to trample the rights and laws of others, why not?


Sure seems like a lot of work to clear all those trees. You can never get all the roots completely out. Must be a heck of a location for someone. Does anybody know what they are doing with all the trees? I know a lot of people that burn wood for heat, including us.

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Don't advertise too much the E P A has banned wood burning in many places across the country.

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Interesting typing the letters that start with E were triggering a spam filter, when I put a space in there it was ok. Big brother regulating us more?


Mr. Andrews, the son of Roger Andrews that owns goofy golf is building a lot and garage for his tractor trailer refurb. Business


cantsay: Thank you, I used to work for Roger 20+ yrs ago building both Goofy Golfs (one is monsoon lagoon now). I do not know the kids but Roger was good people to work for..good luck


I guess that would make sense then..right near the triple crown truck entrance...just sayin


I heard it's going to be a gay truck stop.


Jiffy lube?