Jul 7, 2014

Will Perkins Schools try for another levy in August?

Is there going to be a Perkins Schools levy on the August ballot? Hank on Columbus Avenue

No, the school board decided against placing a levy on the upcoming ballot. Voters continue to overwhelmingly reject the issue each time it's been on the ballot. 

The deadline to place issues on this ballot has come and gone. The soonest voters could see a levy on the ballot would come in November, and the deadline for this is Aug. 6.



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Hallelujah!! Somebody on the Perkins BOE finally looked up the meaning of the word "no"!!!


I'm not sure the true healing will begin until Mr. Gunner has left the school system.

It's been a sad situation over the last couple of years in the district. But, it was refreshing to see the will of the people standing up to a few who wished to create the school system in their own image not the community's.


I agree that there needs to be healing, but there may also need to be a change in focus from buildings and facilities to academic performance if a levy is going to pass. It will be a very interesting commentary on the leadership of the district when the district report cards which are published by the ODE. This report card reflects the students' performance on the OAA and how well the curriculum and instruction methods are matched with the goals of the tests. I understand the district and the schools have the results, but they are reviewing them now.


Wow! What is the problem with the fifth grade and the sciences scores.




Underthebridge...where have you been? There was NO talks of new buildings with the last levy attempt - still failed! AND Gunner had announced he is leaving before the last levy - still failed! What else does this community want? The BOE has been listening to concerns, addressing them and the community still wants more blood from the turnip. You must be a parent, because really, most the "no" voters I know could care less about reports cards and the education of these kids and way more about their money and how its spent.

Plus, how can we even give these kids a decent education when every dollar is spent making sure the bottom 1/4 pass the OAA and all the "extras" that will actually get the top 3/4 in to good colleges have been cut? This community does not care about education of their youth. What was good 10, 15 and 50 years ago is good enough for today.


You are correct, there were NO talks for new buildings during the last levy, they are trying to keep that under the rug. the BOE stated "NO NEW MONEY WILL GO TOWARDS THE NEW SCHOOL". But, what put them in this distrust in the first place is when they moved OLD money out of the operation budget. I do be leave no NEW money will go for the new school that we have voted no for. They will just move OLD money like last time. Its the same old game they are playing. As far as what MR. Gunner says he will do. that's just a joke.




Until the local economy improves (contrary to media reports that it already is) many residents are also in the can't get more blood from the turnip situation. Not everyone votes NO because of the board or superintendent. Some vote no because there is NO more to give.


Re: "What was good 10, 15 and 50 years ago is good enough for today."

I realize you were trying to be sarcastic, but the truth is that what was good quite some time ago would actually be far BETTER than what's being taught today! There was a time when teachers didn't NEED to "teach to the test" because kids who couldn't read, write, and do basic math didn't get out of the second grade until they COULD!

Lest you question certain more "modern" notions, well, at the same time there were art classes, band and music classes, football teams, and more. It's just that there was a whole lot less emphasis on "self esteem" and a whole lot MORE emphasis on things that would actually give students a REASON for self esteem!

In fact, the more I think about it, a promise to go BACK to those "good enough" days just might get a levy passed in Perkins Township, at least from voters who were educated then and thus smart enough to know the right thing when they see it.

NOTE: I understand and sympathize with the financial straits MANY of us find ourselves in, and yes, the schools need to deal with that simple truth as well. But the rest might be a good start in a more positive direction!


"There was a time when teachers didn't NEED to "teach to the test" because kids who couldn't read, write, and do basic math didn't get out of the second grade until they COULD!"

That's just not true. There was a time when that 25% sat quietly in the back and disturbed nobody as their requirement to pass. Manuel labor jobs that don't require math, computer and reading skills are low paying and disappearing jobs today.


The no voters i know represent both sides. Many have limited incomes and cannot see supporting more levies on their fixed finances. There are also more parents than they'd like to believe who are no voters because they see both the educational and the social environment (more fights, etc) decline in the last few years. Many of the parents I know see Perkins only giving lip service to supporting education. They see the district supporting sports first.

Perkins Resident

There will be in November though.


Wake up people . Perkins schools want more money and the tax payers are wandering how they are going to pay thr high cost of yaxes they all ready have and try to feed there families on the little income they have coming in .
If Perkins wants to complete their champain taste agenda . Then might I suggest getting some better paying jobs so the people you are baggin money off can offord to give more .
But in the mean time budget the money you have and make due like the tax payers are doing .


No levy necessary , those that want a levy passed can get together and donate money to cover what a passed levy would do, please no one is preventing you from donating your money , be my guest , donate , donate ,donate, but stay out of my pocket.