Jul 1, 2014

Updated: How many SCCS board members went to this school?

An updated response regarding makeup of Catholic school's board of directors

After reading a recent Mailbag article, a reader asked just how many board members there are at Sandusky Central Catholic School.

They are:

• Dr. Lou Ralofsky, vice chair of the board

• Chris Knight - superintendent of Diocese of Toledo

• Rev. Joseph Steinbauer  pastor, Catholic Parishes of Sandusky

• Mike Savona - head academic officer of Sandusky Central Catholic School  

• Dr. Craig Tyler

• Dr. Eric Dudenhoefer

• David Harrison  

• Kenneth Berlin

• Mary Murphy

• Dr. Robert Kaftan

• Duffield Milkie

• Father Michael Roemmele (ex-officio)

• Bryan Kasper, education foundation representative (ex-officio) 

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"Updated: How many SCCS board members went to this school?
An updated response regarding why the popular pizzeria unexpectedly shut down."

(current headline)

Just out of curiosity…what does the above article have to do with pizza?


I opened the article to see the same thing. Maybe they do not like pizza.



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Alissa Widman Neese

There appears to have been some sort of technical difficulty with this mailbag question.

I've removed any references to pizza. I apologize for any inconvenience or hunger the error may have caused.


Headline: How many SCCS board members went to this school?

Article gives the names of the board members.

Go back and read the original Mailbag question. It did NOT ask for the names it asked how many of them attended SCCS?


Exactly! The question was not answered. Is tammy humphrey not on the board any longer?


The question asks: how many WENT to smcc, not how many are there.


Yeah what happened to Humphries?