Jun 30, 2014

What happened to Needle Dick's sign?

I noticed that the notable sign fastened above Needle Dick's Tattoo Parlor on Columbus Avenue in downtown Sandusky has been removed. Do you know why? Jason via email

The shop's owner, James Fedele, said the sign originally above the store needed to go because it was about four times bigger than what was allowed.

Fedele and others tried bargaining with city officials, but they apparently wouldn't budge from their stance.

"The sign doesn't fall into the codes," Fedele said. "We're a little upset about it, but we had to take it down. The fact of the matter is it was four times too big."

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Dwight K.

I found the sign to be offensive... I'm gonna sue

JT Adams St

Amazing. They made them remove a high-quality, professional sign. But the Wood Apples sign was perfectly acceptable. Ideally, from the city's standpoint, the building would be vacant, with weather-beaten plywood covering the windows. Also, if the Needle's Dick sign was too large, what about the Daly's sign?

yea right

it is what happens when co owners go their own ways..True Innovations owner moved out..(he came up with Innovations).. and the sole owner named it Needle Dicks cus the True Innovations owner did things "wrong" to ppls tats..

btw it is all over who is with whoms girlfriend..

Good 2 B Me

Not true. Mike and his wife got divorced. In the process, they sold the business to Jimmy. Mike went his way and opened a new shop and his Ex went her own way and works in another shop. That is the truth.

yea right

yea Mike got caught tatting underaged "girls".. and put a signature in everyones tat.. again over females and the new owner thought of what Mike did to those tats..haha ppl check ur tats

Good 2 B Me

Apparently you do not have one of his tattoos. Otherwise your lies would not be being spewed here. It is really sad that someone would lie about such things to bring another person down. Show evidence of your claims or shut you lying mouth.

This has nothing to do with girlfriends. Mike and Buffy sold the business as part of their divorce.

yea right

i have my own Artist..thank you..and lies..hmm ask Mike about all the lies he spreads..and um yea he did do that with his tats and young girls..BTW.. NO SMOKING in a public bldg..they all smoke in the back room along with some 420 smoke..and for all those reasons that is why I will not goto Mike again..

Good 2 B Me

Wow. It takes a big person to throw out lies on a Comment board. Why don't you show your disgraced art work and prove your point, otherwise it is just gossip and that is foolish to listen to. Young girls that got piercings or tattoos or young men need to have a parent or guardian with them in order to get the work done. It needs to be signed by the parent/guardian. Mike has made sure to keep solid records for the entire time he has been in business. I personally guarantee that!


SIGNS are regulated? It's a business that brings in money yet the signs are too big? The pot holes are big too, I suppose that's alright, though?


Almost all towns have regulations on sign sizes.


Agreed, yes there are zoning laws on signs.

The Answer Person

Always there to make things more difficult...

Why don't more businesses come to town?


And this is why people do not want to open businesses downtown. Go downtown and talk to the shop owners, here their stories about how the city and the mainstreet association obstructs them and gives them headaches then tell me if you would want to open a business down there.


I've heard those stories, too, and most of them are disheartening at best. For a City that claims it wants to revitalize downtown, the local "officialdom" sure does make it as difficult as possible!

The Needle Dick's sign was a beautiful example of professional signwork and gorgeous design. I wish EVERY store downtown had signage like it! Oh, but gosh, we can't judge anything individually and professionally, and we must err (apparently) on the side not just of caution but of consistency, at least in "ugly!"

Pay attention, City of Sandusky. I don't care how the ordinance reads. You were STILL wrong.

JT Adams St

"I wish EVERY store downtown had signage like it!" Amen to that. All of the ugly boarded up windows and vacant store fronts downtown, and the city has to go after a businessman who actually spent money on a quality sign.

getit right be4...

Time to pack up you sign ( and shop ) and move to Perkins.

The City of Sandusky has had its head up it bum for far to long.


I didn't read all the fine print, but I did find that Perkins Township has zoning ordinances for signage also. Almost any city, village, town, or township has zoning ordinances. Just the particulars might be different.


I am sure a certain organization downtown had something to say about the sign, no doubt. How long has the sign been up until someone mentioned something about it? It all depends on who you know whether something will get done or not. If there is a certain business that just doesn't fit in with what they are trying to establish downtown, the harassment begins until they move out.

Dr. Information

It now resides at coaterfans house. Very fitting.

Darwin's choice


Whiskey Tango F...

Be thankful that "the" Dick Brady didn't think that the design was his or he would have sued you the same as the city that he now represents! Not everyone forgets everything... Who was in charge of hiring Ms. Ard anyway?


Still owe Brady signs money huh?


Lol a few years ago I worked for a business on a one way street and we had 2 hour parking in front of the building. My boss didn't want us to park in the city garage so we had the 2 hour parking lifted! The joys if being President of the main street assoc. Still makes me laugh to this day!

From the Grave

I wish we'd get a McDonald's downtown, and they'd put up one of those towering highway signs overlooking the waterfront. Then you all would understand.