Jun 26, 2014

What's happening in the old 84 Lumber building?

I was driving from Norwalk recently and noticed the Farmers Quality Market on U.S. 250 looks closed. I tried to call but the number is disconnected. Did they move or is the business closed? Sarah via email

It appears as if the business has closed. If Farmers Quality Market moved elsewhere, please let us know by commenting below.

Meanwhile, Perkins Township officials discussed a new restaurant, Timbers Smokehouse, going into the building. It's not known when the new business will open up.

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The owner sold the building. Sorry to see it go. They had a great deli and selection of fruits and vegetables. Poor location for that type of business. Difficult access and out away from population density.


This is HORRIBLE news. I loved the Farmers Quality Market. Please tell me they were simply forced out of the old 84 lumber building, and will be opening somewhere else soon. Say it ain't so


The Amish meats and cheeses and other favorites are still available and will remain open , as well as local produce. Timbers has been in there serving small menu throughout the transition. The market will when completed will have an outdoor patio, beer and wine retail as well as a bar and grill and entertainment and prime rib and crab legs on weekends. Catering available and banquet room with outside venue in the near future. Current phone number is 419-502-0097. Timbers will continue to carry the locals favorite items such as kettle corn, mama Joes pies, etc.