Jun 27, 2014

What happened on Lawrence St. in Sandusky last week?

Thursday afternoon, I walked past a house on Lawrence Street, and an ambulance with flashing lights was there as were three police squad cars. There was a crowd of looky-loos standing 20 to 30 feet away around a central group of maybe 10 or 12 people. Then on Friday morning, I walked by the same house. A young woman was on the porch wearing full hazard gear, including a mask. She was scrubbing on the front porch. Later on, I observed a bright sign taped to the door that said, "Do not enter. Ozone generator in use." Now I know that ozone generators are used both to eliminate strong odors as well as to sterilize areas contaminated by bacteria. Something happened at this house but what? Kathryn via email.

Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said these situations most likely resulted from a woman dying inside a home within the 200 block of Lawrence St.

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Could have been a tea party paytriot. They stink really really bad even before death


Maybe she had 40 cats as well.


I see people didn't waste any time with their ridiculous and insensitive comments!!! I hope whomever this woman was that passed away rests in peace. Prayers for her family left behind as well.


Is a dead body that hazardous?


Depending on how long it had been in there, the odor would be rather bad. And yes, bacteria would be festering too. With the warmer weather and depending on the length of time the body had been there, it could have been messy. Most people that work a clean up team for those kinds of things do wear hazard gear. You never know what you will get into.


That makes sense.


Wow, the police say a woman DIED, and idiots jump right in with POLITICAL commentary? I'm betting friends and family don't really care who she voted for or which party she identified with! That anybody here would care, whether in jest or not, is quite a bit less than appropriate!

It's interesting to note the level of clean-up apparently needed from a purely academic point of view, and I'm certainly glad to know precautions were taken. Deertracker, while death isn't ALWAYS hazardous, ladydye_5 is right when it comes to the length of time between death and discovery. Rescue crews and clean-up teams also don't immediately know WHY a person passed away, and that, too, can have some pretty serious health consequences depending on the cause.

So the public health has been protected. Good. Now if only we could figure out a way to raise the average empathy quotient of some of the posters here! Peace and sympathies to the woman's family, wherever and whomever they may be...