Jun 24, 2014

Updated: Why did Marco's Pizza close?

An updated response regarding why the popular pizzeria unexpectedly shut down.

A week ago, the Register attempted to answer why Marco's Pizza on East Perkins Avenue and Milan Road suddenly closed months ago.

After two weeks went by without a response, company spokeswoman Laura Johnstone sent the Mailbag the following answer:

Your post on the closing of the Marco’s store on Perkins (Avenue) came to my attention this morning. I apologize that no one responded to your inquiry you mentioned was left on our corporate voicemail. 

Marco’s is using the time between owners to remodel and make some changes that customers, especially carry-out customers, will hopefully appreciate.

Construction should start within the next two weeks, and the store is scheduled to reopen mid-August.  Keep your eye out on Facebook for an announcement of the exact reopen date, and then let us know what you think of the changes! 

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Well thats good to hear . That pizzaria had been there for a while and its nice to know they are going to reopen .All though I would tjink I would want an easier place to get in and out of to get my pizza .


Their pizza is not bad but I could care less if they all close. I hate Pizza Hut now (got two bad pizzas from them in PC) and will never go to another one. Looking for a better place to buy pizza. Papa John's?


Pizza House West and Bell Mel's Pizza in Port Clinton are pretty darn good!!


Re: "Looking for a better place to buy pizza."

Outside of Chicago, ALL so-called pizza is just ketchup on a cracker.

I make my own.

This one's not bad and fairly easy:



The best pizza ever, is Jim's in Milan. He will be back soon .Hope he made out on his ins. Fine people ! I live in Norwalk, wish he would open here. I have tried everyone here and still go to Marcos !

Steve P

Best pizza, Brick Oven, corner Cleveland Rd & Sycamore Line.


My spouse makes the best pizza but its not for sale! (smile)


Taste is subjective but until you've had deep dish from Geno's East or Giordano's in Chicago; you haven't had pizza. But locally, I gotta' agree with Jackel on this one. I've been eating Jim's pizza since he was making them out of Duke's Sand Bar in Huron 35 - 40 years ago. Wish he had a Sandusky location.


Mona Pizza downtown on Columbus Ave. Try the peppers and sausage pizza or the mashed potato pizza.

swiss family

Jims is closed due to the fire in Milan ...But he is open in Huron.. same great pizza there and across the street in Huron is another great Pizza, tastes like the Old Norwalk (harkelroad, Bev's Fritz's) Pizza or you can go to New London for their Fritz's Pizza mmmmmmmmmmmmm


To all of you talking about going to Jim's, that's all well and good if you live over in either Huron (or Milan once that one is reopened), but if you don't live over there the pizza isn't that good (and yes I have had it) to drive all the way over there when you're in the mood for it. I personally liked Marco's and I'm happy to hear they'll be reopening since there's not to many others in town that I do like.


Eats and Treats, hands down best pizza in Sandusky. If your ever near Monroeville, Pean' pizza, subs and suds is the BEST pizza, anywhere.

Taxed Enough Already

Village pizza house in Castalia is open. Great pizza!!


Myles in Bowling Green. Worth the drive.


Are you kidding?! Little ceasers has the best deep dish and its the cheapest. All day everyday and its fast too :)

From the Grave


Tsu Dho Nimh

I like Pizza Brothers.

Stop It

Real pizza doesn't need a fork to eat it.


Re: "doesn't need a fork to eat it."

That's NY style ketchup on a cracker.


Pizza House West is the best around in my opinion. But they are also the most expensive around. Unfortunately I have had to decrease my visits to them, not only for my waist, but cost as well. Since Little Ceasars has been back in town, it's way more cost convenient when we have pizza night!! I saw one person said something about Papa Johns up there, I wouldn't feed that crap to my dogs!! Barf!!!