Jun 18, 2014

What's happening on Perkins Ave. by Remington?

Why is the turn lane from Perkins Avenue onto Remington Avenue blocked off with the dreaded orange cones? It has been this way for quite some time. You never see anyone working in the area. Maybe it is Sandusky's new road repair program. That is close them and forget them. Steve in Huron Township

Click here to read about the construction work.

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Dwight K.

If people write in to the mailbag ...don't they read the paper?


I was thinking the same exact thing. But then again the "mailbag" picks the questions they want to use. So why "mailbag" do you answer questions that have been answered already numerous times?


The turn lane is closed until they can raise the traffic lights there. They are constantly hit by any tall vehicle (semi) that hits the bump in the turn lane.

God Of Thunder

Like and like Dwight and joking... I agree with both of you.. Whoever at the register picks these questions is insane.... I have a question... What is all that wet stuff that the boats are driving through off of Columbus Av????

Dwight K.

Why would semi trucks turn down there...I could understand ups or FedEx trucks


Dwight I don't study traffic patterns I'm just telling you why the turn lane is closed.