Jun 17, 2014

Does the Sandusky Co. Sheriff's Office think they're above the law?

Are Sandusky County Sheriff deputies allowed to travel at excessive rates of speeds when there's no apparent emergency? Why won't they answer my questions when I'm try to get an explanation?

A concerned reader sent in the following to the Mailbag:

I have a question maybe the Register can answer: (About a month ago) I was in Clyde at Circle K. The  time was about 6:26 pm. When I got the green light, I proceeded through.

(The) next thing I see (is) a vehicle approaching me quickly. Then he swerves in the passing lane. I notice it was a sheriff's car. The plate showed 72, which is for Sandusky County, and the vehicle number was 08.

As i was going 60 mph, by speed limit, the patrol car kept gaining speed in the passing lane. He had to be doing approximately 70 mph to 80 mph. They got the light at Futronics, and as I was coming up to vehicle (and the) light turned green, then the Indy 500 was on again. He floored his vehicle. driving at a high rate of speed. I am on the phone with dispatch questioning where the fire was, and the dispatcher responded he didn't know because no one was dispatch(ed) anywhere and didn't know.

As he got closer to 412, the same exit we were getting off on, the sheriff vehicle did also. All you could hear is the car accelerating at a high rate of speed from the stop sign. I noticed the patrol car then park behind the jail, and I guess that was the emergency.

I called dispatch again, and the lady answering the call stated the captain wanted me to fill out a complaint form and asked if I could just leave (a) message with the Sheriff Overmeyer. Dispatch informed me that they have a chain of command, and I have to follow. I stated I would rather leave a message with Mr. Overmyer, and she stated I had to leave with the captain because he is responsible for road patrols.

I reiterated that Mr. Overmeyer is responsible for all deputies under him and she hung up the phone. I went to fill out report around a little after 7:30 p.m., and the captain stated he would not talk to me until i filed the report. I filed the report, and my only question would be the remark he had made and that was, "How do you know he was speeding? Did you have a calibrated radar gun with you?"

After this, he then asked if there was anything else I would like to add to the report. I stated "no." He took (the) report and I left. I did let him know that like the sheriff's department I also record my calls. The only exception is I do not misplace the evidence or recordings.

Could you please let me know if this should be the attitude of the local Sheriff's department ? and are these officers above the law in the sense of endangering the general public by driving recklessly with no due regard to the posted speed limit? Are they above the law? Why would this office not want to take care of this complaint?

We sent this question to Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer and Sandusky County prosecutor Tom Stierwalt, both of which neglecting to provide a response back.

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Professor Playdoh

It's just practice.. As a chronic speeder, I want to know the officer that chasing me is an expert driver so not to put the public in danger.


Rules (laws) don't apply to the good ole boys in Sandusky County! The Attorney General does not hold them responsible for their actions!


FYI video tape it next time and place it on the web, & media and if it goes virtual they will speak a different tune then...



I'm sure this happened EXACTLY the way you said it, and I'm sure all hell broke loose on that day. What a scary, dangerous, an unimaginable day to be on the road. How do you sleep at night after this absolute tragedy and miscarriage of the law? I am praying that you can come to some closure over this horrible occurrence and find the answers that you so desperately seek.


It's funny, all these new posters appear on the SR website when something stinky happens and the odor must be covered up.


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I will be curious to see if any of the other subjects on this site are of interest to our new friends...?


Yes, they do think they are above the law and they in facr ARE above the law. Get a reality check! THe cops have freedom to do whatever they want long as they don't rock the boat too much. Cops especially speed all the time. You can NEVER call them out for this unless you do in fact have a "calibrated" radar gun. Even then they will take the radar gun from you as evidence of possessing restricted police equipment.


All I can say is I am glad I am not this guy . Cause you know the county law has him marked . And you can bet they dont like it when you cause waves when it comes to their own . If it would have been me I would have reported it to the O.S.P Instead


and the author is......Mr Jason Brake


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Steve P

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From the middle of Clyde to the jail is about 6-1/2 miles, give or take. You did the speed limit while the the deputy did 80, but yet you watched him pull into the jail facility? Wow, he really blew your doors off, huh? And using your phone while driving?


New again


Been here longer than you.


That was my thought. The speed limit on the bypass IS 65. I drive 70 on the bypass too, it is only 5mph over. Not really all that dangerous.


Julian you are so wrong for your comment. What if he would have hit someone or killed them then what would you say. What if he would have hit you.


Have you ever drove above the speed limit? Have you ever received a ticket? If so, couldn't I ask you the same questions?

See the humor in it. Lighten up and consider not throwing stones


one of them chews tobacco too i got pulled over before and he had it stuffed in his mouth and i thought isn't that just like smoking? So this guy is basically sitting around smoking and pulling people over on their way to church, must be nice.


And you think going to church give's you a reason to speed? I think God will be OK with you driving safely and being a little late.