Jun 17, 2014

Does the Sandusky Co. Sheriff's Office think they're above the law?

Are Sandusky County Sheriff deputies allowed to travel at excessive rates of speeds when there's no apparent emergency? Why won't they answer my questions when I'm try to get an explanation?

A concerned reader sent in the following to the Mailbag:

I have a question maybe the Register can answer: (About a month ago) I was in Clyde at Circle K. The  time was about 6:26 pm. When I got the green light, I proceeded through.

(The) next thing I see (is) a vehicle approaching me quickly. Then he swerves in the passing lane. I notice it was a sheriff's car. The plate showed 72, which is for Sandusky County, and the vehicle number was 08.

As i was going 60 mph, by speed limit, the patrol car kept gaining speed in the passing lane. He had to be doing approximately 70 mph to 80 mph. They got the light at Futronics, and as I was coming up to vehicle (and the) light turned green, then the Indy 500 was on again. He floored his vehicle. driving at a high rate of speed. I am on the phone with dispatch questioning where the fire was, and the dispatcher responded he didn't know because no one was dispatch(ed) anywhere and didn't know.

As he got closer to 412, the same exit we were getting off on, the sheriff vehicle did also. All you could hear is the car accelerating at a high rate of speed from the stop sign. I noticed the patrol car then park behind the jail, and I guess that was the emergency.

I called dispatch again, and the lady answering the call stated the captain wanted me to fill out a complaint form and asked if I could just leave (a) message with the Sheriff Overmeyer. Dispatch informed me that they have a chain of command, and I have to follow. I stated I would rather leave a message with Mr. Overmyer, and she stated I had to leave with the captain because he is responsible for road patrols.

I reiterated that Mr. Overmeyer is responsible for all deputies under him and she hung up the phone. I went to fill out report around a little after 7:30 p.m., and the captain stated he would not talk to me until i filed the report. I filed the report, and my only question would be the remark he had made and that was, "How do you know he was speeding? Did you have a calibrated radar gun with you?"

After this, he then asked if there was anything else I would like to add to the report. I stated "no." He took (the) report and I left. I did let him know that like the sheriff's department I also record my calls. The only exception is I do not misplace the evidence or recordings.

Could you please let me know if this should be the attitude of the local Sheriff's department ? and are these officers above the law in the sense of endangering the general public by driving recklessly with no due regard to the posted speed limit? Are they above the law? Why would this office not want to take care of this complaint?

We sent this question to Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer and Sandusky County prosecutor Tom Stierwalt, both of which neglecting to provide a response back.

Sandusky County has had many problems over the years adhering to rules and regulations. Click here, here, here, herehere, here and here to find out the government's most notable past and ongoing troubles.

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Professor Playdoh

It's just practice.. As a chronic speeder, I want to know the officer that chasing me is an expert driver so not to put the public in danger.


Rules (laws) don't apply to the good ole boys in Sandusky County! The Attorney General does not hold them responsible for their actions!


FYI video tape it next time and place it on the web, & media and if it goes virtual they will speak a different tune then...



I'm sure this happened EXACTLY the way you said it, and I'm sure all hell broke loose on that day. What a scary, dangerous, an unimaginable day to be on the road. How do you sleep at night after this absolute tragedy and miscarriage of the law? I am praying that you can come to some closure over this horrible occurrence and find the answers that you so desperately seek.


It's funny, all these new posters appear on the SR website when something stinky happens and the odor must be covered up.


Welcome newbies!
I will be curious to see if any of the other subjects on this site are of interest to our new friends...?


Yes, they do think they are above the law and they in facr ARE above the law. Get a reality check! THe cops have freedom to do whatever they want long as they don't rock the boat too much. Cops especially speed all the time. You can NEVER call them out for this unless you do in fact have a "calibrated" radar gun. Even then they will take the radar gun from you as evidence of possessing restricted police equipment.


All I can say is I am glad I am not this guy . Cause you know the county law has him marked . And you can bet they dont like it when you cause waves when it comes to their own . If it would have been me I would have reported it to the O.S.P Instead


and the author is......Mr Jason Brake


Teutonic Titwillow..you kiss and tell or are you just tired?


let's face it Babo.......I'm pooped


Imagine so, it's not easy being a goddess of desire.


it's exhausting


Ah but would not a new shall we say "gifted" Sheriff revive you?

Steve P

Elsebeth, you're back, too bad.


maybe....is it true what they say about you people?


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oh it's true....it's true


Schatze..just remember fifteen is my limit on schnitzengruben.






From the middle of Clyde to the jail is about 6-1/2 miles, give or take. You did the speed limit while the the deputy did 80, but yet you watched him pull into the jail facility? Wow, he really blew your doors off, huh? And using your phone while driving?


New again


Been here longer than you.


That was my thought. The speed limit on the bypass IS 65. I drive 70 on the bypass too, it is only 5mph over. Not really all that dangerous.


Julian you are so wrong for your comment. What if he would have hit someone or killed them then what would you say. What if he would have hit you.


Have you ever drove above the speed limit? Have you ever received a ticket? If so, couldn't I ask you the same questions?

See the humor in it. Lighten up and consider not throwing stones


one of them chews tobacco too i got pulled over before and he had it stuffed in his mouth and i thought isn't that just like smoking? So this guy is basically sitting around smoking and pulling people over on their way to church, must be nice.


And you think going to church give's you a reason to speed? I think God will be OK with you driving safely and being a little late.


I highly doubt the deputy " floored it " if they had, the tires would've been smoking and then you probably wouldn't be the only one reporting this. So good for you and your misleading letter. If your going to church, don't speed then there's no worry about getting pulled over. Oh yeah then you have the other person with the what ifs. Well none of the things happened that you asked about so in my opinion, your comment is irrelevant.


Another new

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When I drive down route 2, I'm the only motorist going the speed limit. I never snitch.


The author of this letter is mysteriously missing. To me, that's a red flag.

The directions for The Mailbag, say that you must include first name and a location.

I think that 99.9% of us would see this officers behavior and say to ourselves, "what a douche bag" , and let it go. The authors reaction is a little over the top, which makes me think the author has an ax to grind or chip on their shoulder. Or, way too much time on their hands.

Florence Nightingale

"The author has an axe to grind or a chip on their shoulder" - bingo. Otherwise, this person must have never, ever seen this behavior from any other county sheriff's vehicle or any OSHP vehicle, or they certainly would have written to the SR to voice their outrage!


I was given a speeding ticket by a Sandusky county deputy for speeding under the direct order of the sheriff who PACED me speeding went to court and was told that pacing a speeding car is a legal means in the state of Ohio


I would have to assume this is either a jake or that burdine guys supporter. Get over it already. You all wanted dewine. He came. Didnt throw anyone in jail. You cry and now you are after le for petty issues. Seriously cry a river. All you supporters ever do is whine. Im sure you all abide by every driving law there is. Im sure glad that le is around. I hope you didnt leave your name bc if you ever did need le. Im sure those cars are going the speed limit to your emergency.


the author is Jason Brake


Her chariot
Raced 80 per
They hauled away
What had
Ben Her

Brick Hamland

The sheriff there is a joke. His biggest success on the job was judging a donut making contest... video on youtube.


As is the case with most sheriffs. Law enforcement should NEVER be politically elected. Any sheriff should be able to pass stringent physical, mental, drug and law enforcement proficiency tests before being hired to any position. The election of county sheriffs is wrong on so many levels and absolutely antiquated. It's an almost surfire BOSS HOGG scenario. Just like computer CGI or anything else, you get what you pay for and you PAY for what you get!

nosey rosey

This isn't a Sandusky County anomaly, all law enforcement does this. So do ambulance companies. If one passes me, I just follow behind them at the same rate of speed. If it's good for them, its good for me and I've never had a ticket in my life.


I love the " click here, here, here, here, here!!


Really? You called dispatch & they told you there was no emergency? Riiiiiiiight.



Steve P

No name or address of the alleged writer, strange doesn't that violate this award winning newspapers own policies?


"I noticed the patrol car then park behind the jail, and I guess that was the emergency." So the author of this letter followed the officer behind the jail and noticed he parked there?? A little excessive.. Ever consider maybe there was an emergency at the Jail? Or possibly someone requested to speak with this officer and they were on a time crunch? I would assume there would always be a sense of urgency when it comes to LE. How would the Sandusky Register be able to help you out in answering your question? Your just giving this useless paper more ammo.. Love the City/County your in!


You can't fault the deputy. He probably needed to use the restroom..............

Ed Longknocker

Obviously they have lost the respect of many people with this continuous scandal scenario. Some day the higher-ups will get tired of the "Steve Urkel" defense....
“Four legs good, two legs better! All Animals Are Equal. But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others.”
― George Orwell, Animal Farm

Florence Nightingale

Do you really think this one qualifies as a "scandal"?

Peninsula Pundit

Once again, if you care how your tax dollars are spent, you should have some reasonable concern for the way public employees, paid for with your taxes, abuse county equipment, paid for with your taxes and waste gasoline, paid for with your taxes. If for no other reason than the fact they are wasting money. Your money.
Once again, all of the posters now defending this buffoon wearing a county paid uniform go on other boards and decry being taxed to death and oh, their wasted tax monies.Not attempting to defend the indefensible, they attack the writer and demand to know who he is, attack posters who are rightfully upset at this abuse of power and resources and basically post as though they don't have a wit of sense or any idea why anyone would complain.
Are you really that stupid?
Or do you have to work at it?


Taxes, taxes, taxes. You do know that cops, deputies, and the such all pay taxes too. It means they kind of pay their own wages. Everyone pays taxes. A waste of gasoline? I guess they should just wait for calls to come in and not patrol or be pro-active? Sounds like a brilliant idea.


Patrolling is a legal activity when done within the scope of the law. Speeding is against the law when it is not an emergency situation, it also requires the use of lights n siren to be sure all other drivers are aware of this emergency situation and to pull over to allow them to navigate to this emergency. Driving over the speed limit is not only unlawful, it's wasteful not only in the fuel used but the wear and tear on said vehicle. How can one uphold the laws they are sworn to when they do not abide by those same laws? Have you E V E R heard of leading by example? LEO are supposed to conduct themselves in a professional manner, it is no wonder why so little people respect the badge. Respect is earned and retained and NOT GIVEN These are people first who are to be under the same constraints the rest of the public are held. You can not enforce the same laws in which are readily broken and easily explained away just by wearing a badge!

Whiskey in a Teacup

..."cops, deputies and such all pay taxes too. It means they kinda pay their own wages"_
>>makes mental note


Making a mental note for what? You didn't know that cops paid taxes?

Steve P

The next time you tell the officer you pay his wages, he should demand an immediate pay raise for dealing with morons like you.

Peninsula Pundit

Thanks for proving my point, Dye and Pee.
One calls names and the other comes up with such far-fetched hooey I can't believe they even believe it.
You must type awfully slow since you have to hold your nose while you type such BS.


It is now time to take action and remove these clowns from office; you do not need a governor ,take action now:
ORC 705.92
Procedure for removal of elective officer by recall.
Any elective officer of a municipal corporation may be removed from office by the qualified voters of such municipal corporation. The procedure to effect such removal shall be:

(A) A petition signed by qualified electors equal in number to at least fifteen per cent of the total votes cast at the most recent regular municipal election, and demanding the election of a successor to the person sought to be removed, shall be filed with the board of elections. Such petition shall contain a general statement in not more than two hundred words of the grounds upon which the removal of such person is sought. The form, sufficiency, and regularity of any such petition shall be determined as provided in the general election laws.

(B) If the petition is sufficient, and if the person whose removal is sought does not resign within five days after the sufficiency of the petition has been determined, the legislative authority shall thereupon order and fix a day for holding an election to determine the question of the removal of the elective officer, and for the selection of a successor to each officer named in said petition. Such election shall be held not less than thirty nor more than forty days from the time of the finding of the sufficiency of such petition. The election authorities shall publish notice and make all arrangements for holding such election, which shall be conducted and the result thereof returned and declared in all respects as are the results of regular municipal elections.

(C) The nomination of candidates to succeed each officer sought to be removed shall be made, without the intervention of a primary election, by filing with the election authorities, at least twenty days prior to such special election, a petition proposing a person for each such office, signed by electors equal in number to ten per cent of the total votes cast at the most recent regular municipal election for the head of the ticket.

(D) The ballots at such recall election shall, with respect to each person whose removal is sought, submit the question: "Shall (name of person) be removed from the office of (name of office) by recall?"

Immediately following each such question, there shall be printed on the ballots, the two propositions in the order set forth:

"For the recall of (name of person)."

"Against the recall of (name of person)."

Immediately to the left of the proposition shall be placed a square in which the electors may vote for either of such propositions.

Under each of such questions shall be placed the names of candidates to fill the vacancy. The name of the officer whose removal is sought shall not appear on the ballot as a candidate to succeed the officer's self.

In any such election, if a majority of the votes cast on the question of removal are affirmative, the person whose removal is sought shall be removed from office upon the announcement of the official canvass of that election, and the candidate receiving the plurality of the votes cast for candidates for that office shall be declared elected. The successor of any person so removed shall hold office during the unexpired term of the successor's predecessor. The question of the removal of any officer shall not be submitted to the electors until such officer has served for at least one year of the term during which he is sought to be recalled. The method of removal provided in this section, is in addition to such other methods as are provided by law. If, at any such recall election, the incumbent whose removal is sought is not recalled, the incumbent shall be repaid the incumbent's actual and legitimate expenses for such election from the treasury of the municipal corporation, but such sum shall not exceed fifty per cent of the sum that the incumbent is by law permitted to expend as a candidate at any regular municipal election.

Effective Date: 08-22-1995

Florence Nightingale

So go for it. I'm betting not enough signatures would be gathered.


I'm just curious why the sheriff did not respond to this complaint? maybe he allows such behavior there?I do not understand how police can just write tickets to people who speed and yet when they speed or break the law its ok?
I this officer would have hit someone who would have paid for the accident and injuries? Let me guess taxpayers..


Like the letter writer, you seem to live in a fantasy world where the authorities are actually held accountable for following the laws they enforce.

Ask Elliot Spitzer, the NY AG who made a point of throwing the book at those who patronized prostitutes or who "structured" transactions, at the same time that he was engaging in both those actions for years.


Apparently Sandusky Register is supposed to be a scare tactic for SCSO?
Sandusky County
Calls For Service

Dispatched to the listed location for a report of vandalism. Upon arrival I
spoke with the complainant Jason Brake who advised his fence had been damaged. I
walked with the complainant to the area in question and observed the wires to
the electric fence to be down and a post broken. Jason advised that Dan Keegan
was responsible for the damage. I asked Jason how he knew Dan was responsible
and he replied Im just assuming he is because he comes out here with his
equipment to get sand. I did observe there to be fresh equipment marks in the
sand area near the fence. Jason advised that he had just put the fence up a few
days ago. Jason advised that the fence had to have been damaged today as his
wife said it was fine when she went to work at 1400 hours. I asked Jason if he
owns the property and he replied that its under land contract with the Keegans.
Jason then advised that the land contract was never officially notarized. I
requested to see the contract and followed Jason to his residence and was able
to review the contract with him. There were no notary information/signature on
the contract. I asked Jason if he had a copy machine to make a copy of the
agreement and he said he did not. I advised Jason to just hang onto the contract
for now and if I needed a copy I would have him drop one off. I advised Jason
that I would make contact with the Keegans to see what happened with the fence.
I made contact by phone with Dan Keegan who advised me that his brother David
has been out to the area in question earlier in the day and had accidentally hit
the fence post while removing sand from the property. Dan further advised that
the property belongs to them and that the land contract was never made official
and that Jason is just a renter. Dan further advised that Jason does not have
permission to even put up a fence. I advised Dan that it is a civil issue and
they need to go to court regarding the property issue. I contacted David by
phone who confirmed that he had been in the area in question and had knocked
over the post by accident with his equipment. David advised he went to Jasons
residence to advise him he had accidentally damaged the fence but Jason was not
home. David also advised along with Dans previous statement that Jason does not
have permission to be putting up a fence and that the property is not under land
contract. David advised he would go back to Jasons residence tomorrow morning to
discuss the situation regarding the fence. I advised David that would be fine. I
attempted to contact Jason by phone and left a voicemail. I then resumed patrol.
>>> See incident 0014004428 for further info on this call. Deputy Kline

Myself and Deputy Dorsey were dispatched back to the listed location for report
of a disturbance reference incident #0014004425. Upon arrival I met with the
complainant Jason Brake who advised Dan Keegan had come out to the property and
confronted him about the fence that was damaged earlier in the day. I asked
Jason if Dan had threatened him or physically assaulted him and he said no. Only
a verbal argument had occurred reference the fence damage from earlier. I walked
over and spoke with Dan and Josh Kimbrell. Dan advised he had come over to speak
with Jason reference the fence being put up without permission and an argument
began. Dan advised he had called for Josh to come over from his residence across
the road as Jason was on the phone with the Sheriffs office dispatch making
false allegations that Dan was threatening him. Josh advised that he heard Jason
yell to Dan \"Get off my property or I will hit you\". I asked Dan if he wanted
to pursue charges against Jason for threatening to hit him and he just advised
he simply wanted to leave the area and handle the property dispute in court. I
advised Dan that was the proper way to handle the situation. Dan asked me to
advise Jason to quit putting up the fence as he did not have permission to do
so. I advised Dan that I would. I then walked back over and spoke with Jason and
advised him that David Keegan had advised me he had run into the post and had
stopped by Jason's house to speak with him but he was not home. I advised Jason
that at the present time I was unable to determine who owned the property in
question due to the land contract issue and whether or not the fence should even
be there. I advised Jason that I would do a report regarding the incident and
have a prosecutor review it. Jason became upset and advised he wanted someone
charged right now for damaging the fence. I advised Jason the situation was more
of a civil issue and that he should get the situation resolved with the Keegans
reference whether the land contract was in place and that the damage to the post
appeared to be accidental and not intentional in nature. Jason was still upset
and advised me he was calling the Sandusky Register newspaper to report myself
and Deputy Dorsey for failing to do our jobs. Jason also advised he would go to
Sheriff Overmyer's house and speak with him. I advised Jason not to go to the
Sheriffs house and to conduct business with him during business hours. Jason
replied \"The Sheriff is a public servant and should be available 24 hours a
day.\" I advised Jason that I was not going to argue with him further about the
situation and he could fill out a written statement and if not I was going to
resume patrol. Jason then began filling out a written statement. I contacted
Captain Hamilton by phone to advise him of the situation. Captain Hamilton
advised me that it is a civil issue not criminal and to take written statements
from all involved. Upon Jason completing his written statement he handed it to
me at which point I asked him to finish filling in his information and sign the
statement for me as he had failed to do so the first time. Jason advised me he
wanted me to advise the Keegans to remain off the property. I advised him that I
would speak to them about it but I was still unsure who actaully owned the
property in the first place. Myself and Deputy Dorsey then resumed patrol. I
spoke with Dan Keegan by phone once again to advise him to stay off the property
for the time being and asked what we were going to do to resolve the fencepost
issue. Dan advised to have Jason just submit a reasonable bill for the damage
done to the fence and submit it to him. I advised Dan that I would do so. A
short time later I was contacted by Captain Hamilton to go back to the residence
as Jason was wishing to fill out another statement regarding having myself and
Deputy Dorsey notify the Keegans to remain off the property. I returned to the
property and had Jason fill out a second statement to that affect. I advised
Jason that Dan Keegan had advised him to just submit a bill to him for damage
done to the fence and advised him once again that this was a civil issue and
needed to be handled by the court. Myself and Deputy Dorsey then resumed patrol.
I returned to dispatch and reviewed the phone call Jason made to dispatch
regarding the altercation with Keegan. In the phone call Jason advised dispatch
that Dan was threatening him but when I asked Jason on the scene if Dan
threatened him he said no. Dan is not heard in the recording making any
threatening statements to Jason. I requested Jason to submit a copy of his land
contract for further review as well. When I recieve all of the statements and
the land contract from Jason I will submit the information to the prosecutor for
review. Deputy Kline


Units Dispatched Arrived Completed

HAMILTON, CAPT. PETE 20:24 00:00 20:25


DORSEY, ALLEN 20:25 20:33 21:38
KLINE, JASON 20:24 20:35 21:38


Deputy Kline returned the next day and filed an addition report that the fence was tore down again stating that this was not an accident and once it is proven that Mr brake owns the property charges will be filed. Deputy Kline also asked MR keegan for a copy of the land contract but Mr. keegan responded he does not have a copy of it. However Mr brake has one signed By the keegans showing a cashiers check for $10,000 cashed by The Keegans which is to be in escrow since feb. 2012 for lease purchase property until 2017 5 year contract . Also signed by Bolte realty.


Hey Captain Hamilton was you not the deputy that arrested This individual based upon a video outside the sheriffs office? And when this person went to court the prosecutor dismissed the charges because the alleged video disappeared and or never existed? How does someone in your position such as a captain arrest someone and looses the video evidence under your command? Sounds Fishy to me? Deputy Kline was you not the deputy that arrested this person based upon your Captain telling you to based upon this video? I heard your reply to Mr Brake was boy this is F*%k up?