Jun 16, 2014

What's the latest development with Hoppers?

What entity is now responsible for upkeep of the former Hoppers trailer park property owned by Joe Yost? The property has not been mowed yet this year. Tim in Sandusky

Erie County assistant prosecutor Jason Hinners provided the following response to the ongoing Hoppers debacle:

I will update you on the involvement of our office with the property located at 2513 Venice Road, (also known as) Hopper’s mobile home park.

This property was subject to a foreclosure action filed by a lienholder to the property. After it became evident that the lienholder would not take the property to a sheriff’s sale, Erie County treasurer Pam Ferrell chose to commence a tax foreclosure action.

On April 25, 2014, the tax foreclosure complaint was filed. The parties to the tax foreclosure action have been successfully served with a notice of the complaint.

The next step in the process is filing the appropriate pleadings with the court so judgment can be obtained. Unless the delinquent tax amount is paid in full, the eventual result of the tax foreclosure action is a sheriff’s sale. Until the property is transferred to a successful bidder at a sheriff’s sale, the title holder of the property will remain Westgate Development Co.

Sandusky crews should still get out there and mow it. We'll inform the code enforcement department if this properly should be trimmed.

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Looks worse than when the trailers were there.

Julie R.

Assistant prosecutor Jason Hinners? Now where did I hear that name before? Oh, that's right. The auditor's website says to report any discrepancies about the online records to the auditor's office so I did. I believe I questioned why the online records pertaining to the 3 fraudulent acts that took place upon my mother & stepfather's Huron property were so false & misleading. Instead of answering my question, Mr. Jeffrey forwarded it to the prosecutor's office and Jason Hinners responded. I'll have to check his response because I believe I saved it, but I do know that he totally avoided the real issue behind the discrepancies, which of course didn't surprise me in the least. The prosecutor's office is real good at that. They're real good at running and hiding, too, especially Mr. Baxter.


@ Julie r, let go and let God handle this. I can't imagine being so all-consumed by something that you have to resort to constantly diverting any topic that comes up, to your issues. this has taken over whatever life you have and I truly feel sorry for you. You have not done anything to further yourself or you would not still be doing this hijacking of stories. It may be a bitter pill to swallow, but you have to trust God to take care of what we humans cannot do. there is a plan for each of us. Please let it go for the sake of those who care about your mental health. God bless and remember that we have to be at peace with the not knowing to know peace of mind.

Julie R.

Just because I saw the name of Jason Hinners and posted the first thing that came to my mind doesn't mean I'm consumed. Personally, I think it's funny. So would you like me to post the response I received from the prosecutor's office?

I also questioned the auditor's office as to why appraisers are using properties situated in the city of Sandusky and the city of Vermilion as "comparable sales" to property situated in the city of Huron but I never did get an answer to that one ...... not even a run-around answer.

The Bizness

you are a nut job lol

Julie R.

Your judges in Erie County sure ARE nut jobs. About as nuts as their attorney friends hiding a forged POA in the Lorain County Recorder's office. Wow ...... how intelligent. Is that what they teach these nut jobs in law school or what?