Jun 12, 2014

Why did Hollywood Cells on Perkins Avenue close?

What happened to Hollywood Cells on Perkins Avenue? Why did they close without notice? Ta'Presha via email

Oftentimes, local businesses close up shop and suddenly leave without people really knowing what happened.

With limited information, we posed this question to our Facebook friends to see if they knew what happened. If you know what happened, feel free to leave a comment below.

Here are some of those responses from Facebook:

• Kristi Lee Neibler: I have never heard of it. That's properly why they closed.

Michelle Porcher: When Revol first announced they were closing, they had two stores next to each other. Maybe the other one is still open? The other one was where an aquatic store was in the same plaza as Universal Equipment, and when I was last there a few months ago, the aquatic sign was still up. After Revol went out, I no longer get my phone service through them.

Candice Allyse Haley Marie: I didn't know they closed. Sorry.

Conswala Mimi Johnson-North: Didn't the owner get arrested? I can't recall what for exactly.

• Heather Algarin: They were bought out by AT&T.

Amanda Lusher-Johnson: I don't know, but when I went there to pay my cell bill and was there more than five minutes, I would get calls from friends telling me that my plates were ran. I asked a cop friend of mine why this kept happening, and he said it was a known drug area.

Tara Lynn Hamon: I work across the street. There is no longer any cell phone places in that plaza. They went broke. Hollywood Cells was family operated. 

Haley Marie Ryf: The same people that owned and ran Hollywood Cells, which sold mostly Revol, and Revol got bought out, now run the Boost Mobile store in the plaza next to the old Hollywood Cells.

Jessica Sehlmeyer: Conswala, she is being investigated for a cold case of her best friend years ago being murdered, and she was one of two that last seen her her last night alive.

Sheri Budd: Hollywood Cells? Doesn't the name answer your own question?

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In other words, nobody on Facebook has a clue either...


They were huge, known drug dealers. Pills. They used to barter drugs for bill payments.




I'm betting they didn't play bingo.