Jun 6, 2014

Are Erie County's court records online yet?

I know for years that the Erie County clerk of courts office said they would put up online court documetnts. Do you know when they'll be up? Will in Sandusky

For about a year now, anyone for free can access thousands of documents processed by Erie County clerk of court employees by clicking here

The topic was a source of controversy for years, up until clerk of courts Luvada Wilson finally launched the product online.

Clerk employees continue to add new and older cases to this database.

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Steve P

Who wants to place bets on how long before Julie R will be on here with her rants.


Ill take that action!!! Lol!!!

Julie R.

I already showed how false and misleading the online Erie County Common Pleas court records are pertaining to that illegal scam sheriff sale that the courts, their Lorain County attorney friends (with the help of snake attorneys from Cleveland) and Sheriff Lyons pulled off. Would you like the case number and I'll show you step by step again?

My Opinion is...

What about Erie County MUNICPAL Court records?

They've had a website that's been "under construction" since 2009