Jun 3, 2014

Where are all the public pools?

Why are there no pools in Sandusky? As a tourist town, you would think we'd have one. Locals don't always want to pay for tickets to go to Cedar Point to enjoy some water time. Lisa on Tiffin Avenue

The Register dived deep into this topic about a year ago.

In short, many cash-strapped communities don't have the resources to build or keep a pool open. Finances, for instances, led to the closure of Sandusky's wave-action center, Surf's Up, and an outdoor pool at Osborn MetroPark some years ago.

The city of Sandusky does have two splash pads, or standing-water cool-off zones, on Huron Avenue near CVS Pharmacy and in Lions Park off Lasalle Street.

As a Sandusky resident, consider joining nearby indoor pool options, such as the YMCA or Briarcrest Swim Club.

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The Osborn Park pool was awesome, it was a bummer when it closed.

JMOP's picture

Public pools...EWW


Those splash pads are a waste of money, spraying gallons of water around when no one's there. Why aren't they motion activated?


Took my grandson to both splash pads last year. He loved it. Other kids (and parents) were well behaved. I believe they both are motion/button activated. But...all communities should have access to public pools and swim lessons, especially those near Lake Erie!

AJ Oliver

Lisa - you are correct. In fact there are no public pools in the entire county. It's a real scandal, shows how little we value our kids, and is the inevitable outcome of being unwilling to tax the ONE PERCENT (actually in this case, it's more like the top 20%).
Come on Register !! Get fired up !! All sorts of smaller towns all over the world have public pools, why not Sandusky? Or even Erie county?


Again, your lack of adequate research shows what a blowhard you are. This city of vermilion has a public pool on Pineview Dr. in Erie County.

The Big Dog's back

Totally agree AJ.


Re: "no public pools in the entire county,"

Is the reason not enough tax revenue or too many attys. and liability?


Nore the latter. Notice there's plenty of money to build splash pads where no one can drown. Liability concerns have closed a lot of municipal pools. Add to that the fact that Sandusk has been shifting to a demographic that doesn't value swim trainin for their kids, and it's no surprise the city doesn't want to build anything where the water is more than a few inches deep.


You tell 'em, Che, er AJ!

local man

Check out Maples Motel (corner of perkins/cleveland rd) they have a local rate that is fantastic for the family and they allow you to bring guests at a nominal fee.


Or go to cedar point, say you are there for soak city and boom walk over to the beach! Did it as kids, still do! Got to do what you got to do!


Erie County says - Go jump in the lake!!


Yard I'm in Sandusky


Growing up in Sandusky in the 60's you could ride the ferry to Cedar Point and enjoy the beach for free.
Each year there was always some discussion about putting pools at Huron, Central and Lions parks. Each location was centrally located to where most of the families lived. Sandusky, in it's wisdom decided to build the wave action pool at Battery Park, well away from the population but they could boast that we had the first wave action pool in Ohio - big deal. Now the site sits empty and is an ongoing debate on what to do with it.
The city commission needs to come up with a plan of development for the city, stop sitting on the fence and make some decisions that will produce investment inside the city limits.
Better yet, don't re-elect anyone at the next election. Voters are the boss - fire them.

Left Sandtown

We have 3,plus 3-indoor locations year round.We also provide Adult Recreation,7-nights a week,Adult Softball,Co-ed Softball,Horseshoe Leagues,Golf and Tennis lessons.There is also the youth leagues going on every night,from age 4-18.This is all run through the Parks and Rec Department,and it is run as a business.Don`t worry your new City M. will change that if he can free himself from the strings.Talk to people who lived in your town in the 60`s 70`s and even the 80`s,and don`t come on here with your excuses and how the times have changed.There comes a time you just take a stnd and do it with a plan.Bless you all as you go further down the wrong path,and some peoples pockets remain FAT.Cut my top statement in 1/2 we have a population of about 65,000


You would be surprised how many tourist ask for a public pool or beach.


Most of the tourists that come to the area are not looking for a public pool. They are staying in a hotel or a resort (which have pools). If they are staying at Cedar Point they have Soak City, the beach or the hotels have pools. I am not sure how many tourist come to Sandusky looking for a pool alone.

T. A. Schwanger


The plans for Lion's Park included a public beach to at least allow for wading.

Save Our Shoreline Parks has periodically reminded the City there needs to be a plan to remove undesirable debris (concrete, pavement, bricks, etc) along the shoreline to allow for access into the water and increase the chances of a natural beach to reappear.

T. A. Schwanger
Pres; SOSP


The heck with the tourists, we should have a pool for our citizens. Why can't the wave action pool be used without the waves. Revitalize that area with just a regular pool.