Jun 2, 2014

Why was there a police escort in Huron on Friday?

What was the purpose of the "at speed limit" police escort this past Friday around 11 a.m. that pulled out from Huron High School? The lead escort ran lights and sirens and was followed by a school bus, three other vehicles and a rear police escort running lights only and no siren. They proceeded up Cleveland Road to Rye Beach Road, where they turned and all got on Ohio 2 heading west. Red from Huron

Huron city manager Andy White, through verifying the answer with Huron police Chief Robert Lippert, provided the following answer:

I confirmed with Chief Lippert the police escort referenced in the Mailbag submission was provided to the Huron High School boys’ varsity baseball team. The team was traveling to Elida, Ohio, to play in a regional final. The escort was provided with on-duty officers.

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But WHY did they get the escort?
White only confirmed that there was an escort but didn't say WHY it was necessary!


Seriously? Great job Huron and great job HPD for giving them a well deserved escort!


Really, people are going to complain about this? Is there nothing else more Earth shattering going on in Huron? If this is all that is left to complain about count your blessings and relax.

Concerned For A...

My guess would be they escorted the team out to the city limits to show school pride?? Who cares, it's a nice gesture, and a great showing of hometown pride in the boys! When you have a child in sports and they accomplish something big like this, you'll understand.


School Pride and Celebration!


The article did not answer the question and neither did the Police or the Manager. The other comments are pure speculation in their effort to answer why they were given an escort.

There are currently 8 families loosing there homes in Huron because they could not pay their mortgage or taxes and another four within the next few weeks, why not ask them if they like the idea of utilizing police time along with two police cars tied up for about an hour and burning gas. What is the cops going rate with benefits now, $60 and hour, so this event cost what, upwards of $200 to $300?

Personally, I don't care, but don't get abusive because a question as to why something is done. And because of the three other posts the question of using taxpayers revenue is now the issue. If you three don't think its that big of a deal then refund the city, at least the portion to those losing their homes!


I am sorry to hear about these families losing their homes, but that is not a good reason for the rest of the city to stop what they are doing. This is a big accomplishment for the team and the city. It is not only Huron that does send offs with police involved. Communities all over the state do the same thing.

If the city saves the $200-$300 I doubt it is going to change the outcome for the families. You should also ask them about the various construction projects that are planned around the city that will cost much more than this. Will any increase in tax revenue help their situation?

For most of these kids, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Let them live it up.


Every city has done this at some point for things. It was a bit of time where there were other active officers on patrol and available if the need arises. I am sure the officers would have left if they needed to as well. I am sure they were not sitting around for an hour either. Its not like the followed them out of their jurisdiction.

Don Hardy

get me a total from the HPD and i'll be glad to refund the costs... OH yeah.. they may do it for the track members going to state too..so while you're at it... add that as well.. with all the bad things going on in not just this country but even locally, its great to see something positive ! good kids doing great things and receiving something as simple as a police escort out of town! something they will remember the rest of their lives.. thank you HPD for doing this for the kids in this town!

Steve P

The officers were already on duty, the police cars were already in use, where is their any additional costs? What does this have anything to do with homes being foreclosed? Nothing wrong with showing community and school pride.


Congratulations to them! Anyone know how they did?
It's great to see local police officers being involved in something that supports the community they serve. I'm quite confident they don't earn $60/hour. If they do, they'd be some of the most overpaid cops in Ohio. I'm guessing they earn between $18-$28/hour. I'm sure it's public record.


culminated with an 8-1 loss Friday against Coldwater High School in the Division III regional championship game.


MANY towns and villages provide escorts for winning teams. Norwalk did it, I know ours did when we have won various titles. Is it really that big of issue. Not sure what others not being able to pay their bills has to do with a police escort. The police are not the ones paying their bills. I am not sure how you come to $60 @ hour, but I will be sure to watch for Huron to be hiring, my husband does not make HALF of that. The benefit package included is not that great either. Try and show a little pride in your town and the kids who work so hard to achieve such a great accomplishment! I am sure if the police were called out for an emergency they were still able to go.


Hey reddog - ever hear of "fully-loaded costs?"

With taxes (SS, Medicare, FUTA, SUTA) and insurance costs it's not unusual to multiply an hourly wage times three for a total cost for an hour.

The base wage isn;t the only "benefit" that's paid by the employer.


Of course overhead (which includes benefits and retirement as well as the costs to the facilities and tools employees utilize) increase the overall cost of the employee for every business. And just to clarify, I'm pretty sure police officers pay into OPERS, not Social Security. Further, I don't believe they are MQGE wages either, meaning the earnings are not defined as Medicare Qualified Government Earnings. This means they don't pay into Medicare either. So, yeah, Hilltop, I know a little about the costs of both public and private employees.

I think you and I both know what the commenter was referring to when they suggested that Huron cops make $60/hour.

Don Hardy

why did the city do it? because those kids deserved it! If its really bothering some people the cost of it.. Then get in touch with the department and asked how much that cost, and I'll send them a donation to cover it.. Would that make the concerned feel better?

Tsu Dho Nimh



Huron, a great lake place, don't you know?


What does this police escort have to do with these people losing their homes? The answer said the officers were ON-DUTY! Which means that just because they drove to the city limits doesnt mean they were unavailable if needed! More people need to live within their means, that way when a lost job or illness arise, its not so finacially devastating. Something a lot of people need to work on.

God Of Thunder

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I agree. A "like" button where we can show we agree with someone without having to go through the hassle of being hassled.

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It's simple. If you don't want type that you like something, don't.


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