May 29, 2014

Will there be 7 or 5 Sandusky city commissioners?

What's the status of Sandusky city commission downsizing from seven elected commissioners to five elected commissioners? Mark in Sandusky

Sandusky city commissioners took two affirmative votes this month to place an issue on November's ballot, asking voters whether they want five elected commissioners or seven.

The vote is majority-based, meaning whichever option — five or seven — receives more votes, that's how many commissioners will serve on the board, beginning in 2016.

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Stop It

For Sandusky's sake, I hope it stays at seven. I don't live there but I do business in the city. To some, my comment may come across as it's NOMB. To the one's I do business with, it matters.


I DO live in Sandusky, and it DOES matter. It's hard enough to get representation without shrinking the number of representatives!

I'd also note that this isn't going to save anybody a dime. All it's going to do is increase the workload on existing commissioners (assuming they're doing a good job and actually answering emails, phone calls, etc.) and decrease OUR voice. I realize Mr. Murray is big on consensus. I'm not. Without debate, we don't hear both sides of a story, and without both positive and negative facts at our disposal, the only people who will know ANYthing will be the commissioners! NOT a good plan.


Consensus... That's counter intuitive of the commission. What good is it if they are all in lockstep? Why not just have a commission of 1?



Stop It

abigbear, WTF does that have to do with the article?


Does it even matter anymore?? What are they doing to better Sandusky anyway?? Haven't noticed! Selling DUMPS to become BIGGER DUMPS is really annoying for one!

T. A. Schwanger


The City Commission would have better served the community if a ballot issue changing the City Charter to 4 commissioners elected to wards and 3 commissioners elected at-large.

Dropping down to 5 commissioners limits representation. The City Commission's argument of "population has shrunk" doesn't hold water. A number of surrounding communities with under 10,000 in population have 7 commissioners/councilpersons and are doing just fine. Huron is the best example.


Vote NO!