May 27, 2014

What happened to the Berardi's food cart?

It appears that the Berardi's food cart is not returning to the corner of Milan Road and Perkins Avenue this season. What happened? Pat via email, Bob via email, Joe from Sandusky and Sara in Sandusky

The Register recently covered this issue many seemingly are interested about.

To find out about the cart's new whereabouts, click here.

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I have a feeling Sara sent this the day the announcement was made. Berardis needs to post a sign in the vicinity that states that the cart will not be there, and where it moved to. Besides, I don't know who would want to go to that specific location with Cedar Point traffic being backed up to Timbuktu.


Full article explains on 5/26


If people want to know what is going on locally they should subscribe to the newspaper. The SR does a good job reporting the local news.

yea right

it's amazing how ppl can not read..yet they open there big mouths and complain all day..


I heard the rent was raised, and they moved the stand to Norwalk