May 21, 2014

What is the Wright Bros. Memorial Highway?

I recently saw a sign on Ohio 4 just south of Bogart Road that designated the road as Wright Brothers Memorial Highway. Can you explain when, why and how this came about? Fred in Bellevue.

State transportation department spokeswoman Christine Myers provided the following response:

The "Wright Brothers Memorial Highway" became part of Ohio Revised Code in September 1973. While the legislation was passed, the signs were not placed along state Route 4. When this was discovered, the Ohio Department of Transportation ordered and placed the signs in 2013.

From the Ohio Revised Code:

5533.14 Wright Brothers memorial highway.

The road known as state Route No. 4 of this state, running in a northeasterly and southwesterly direction, commencing at the city of Cincinnati in Wyoming, Hamilton county, and extending through the counties of Butler, Montgomery, Greene, Clark, Champaign, Union, Delaware, Marion, Crawford, Seneca, Huron, and Erie to the city of Sandusky, and through the municipal corporations of Hamilton, Middletown, Dayton, Springfield, Mechanicsburg, Marysville, Marion, and Bucyrus, shall be known as "Wright Brothers Memorial Highway." 

The director of transportation shall erect suitable uniform markers upon a background of white enamel bearing in black enamel an outline replica of the first Wright plane and the words "Wright Brothers Memorial Highway." 

Effective Date: 09-28-1973

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Fibber Mcgee

What??? Who submitted this resolution, did Rt 4 go by the garage of the brothers? I think the idea is great, but why Rt 4. How about a little more info Christine,not just wording in the resolution.


Edit... didn't have my reading glasses on.


Fibbers comment asked if Rt 4 went by the GARAGE of the wright brothers not the GARBAGE of the wright brothers....Read it again before you go getting yourself upset


If you look (carefully) at your road maps ... you will see that they even call SR 4 the Wright Brothers Memorial Highway. What difference does it make which road is named after the men? (The plane was created in Dayton, BTW). Part of Rt 2 is named after Jackie Mayer, Miss America 1963. The Bridge is the Edison Bridge ... just be glad so many noteworthy people are from Ohio to have roads named after them. ;)


That didnt even answer most of the question at all. What is its significance to the Wright Brothers?


Route 4 goes right through Dayton, that is the significance.