May 20, 2014

When will work be finished at a popular intersection?

When is the Strub Road and Ohio 4 intersection going to be completed? I thought it was supposed to be last summer in 2013. The turn lanes are needed more on Ohio 4 than on Strub Road. Fred in Bellevue

The Register provided an update on this issue in a December article.

Here's the basic gist:

A three-month project improving this area should start in May 2016. Plans call for construction crews primarily widening Hayes Avenue at West Strub Road, including adding a turn lane.

Local planners pegged the project at $1.5 million, split between engineering and construction costs. County officials obtained a $1.2 million state grant for improvements. Local funds are covering the remaining $300,000.

Motorists, at times, have difficulties maneuvering onto the narrow West Strub Road from Hayes Avenue.
All work planned piggybacks off $1.48 million worth of upgrades completed in 2013, when crews began widening portions of the intersection.
“The project is necessary to relieve congestion and maximize the safety of those using that intersection,” Erie Regional Planning director Steve Poggiali said. “There has been increase traffic due to the development at that location."
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RT.4 needed it worse than Strub in the first place, now have to wait 2 more years. Why does this town do everything backwords? Lets do Rte 250 right in the heart of Cedar Point season. Who does the thinking around here????????????


When did you expect them to work on 250? Cedar Point is open May-Nov.


I can not argue with the "backwords" approach to the recent development at this location.

Darwin's choice

To show the stupidity in the planning dept, and ODOT, a simple timing change for the northbound and southbound lights would relieve the congestion until the proper lanes can be added!

If northbound traffic had two minutes of green before southbound, a LOT of the drama would go away!

Very poor planning on someones part.....!