May 15, 2014

Where can I buy a Boy with the Boot statue?

Where can I buy a Boy with the Boot statue? Courtney in Sandusky

We placed this question over on our Facebook page so our friends could help us out.

Here' are some of the answers:

• Lake Erie Shores & Islands Welcome Center: We believe that the gift shop at the Cooke-Dorn House Historic Site has small figurines available for purchase. Bailey's Tree & Landscaping has larger concrete statues.

• Connie Dibari: Bailey's out by Toft's on Venice Road.

• Brenna Walker: The Maritime Museum of Sandusky has small figurines.

• John Kanney: Bailey's, out by Toft's. That's where we bought ours.

If you know of another place, let us know in the comment section below.

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