May 12, 2014

Can someone please fix the dangerous intersection by Kalahari?

Why is there no merging traffic sign on U.S. 250 just past the traffic light at Kalahari headed north into town and a merge sign on the access road out of Kalahari headed into Sandusky? There is a need for a merging traffic sign heading north into Sandusky on U.S. 250 for the traffic using the merge lane out of Kalahari. Even if your turn signal is on, not many drivers will move to the left to allow access to the road. There's also a need for a merge sign on that access road because most tourists and locals don't know there is that merge lane and they stop even though there is no stop sign. With a new service station going in across from Kalahari, it's just an accident waiting to happen. Beth Ann in Sandusky

Ohio Department of Transportation spokeswoman Christine Myers provided the following response:

When traveling north on U.S. 250, a 600-foot northbound thru lane is added at Zambezi Drive to allow vehicles exiting Zambezi Drive the ability to merge into U.S. 250 traffic without stopping. 

A “lane ends” warning sign is provided on U.S. 250 north of Zambezi Drive to warn motorists of the thru lane ending. It is our opinion that the current signing is appropriate on U.S. 250. 

We are not aware of how Zambezi Drive is currently signed for exiting traffic as this is a township road.  The customer should be referred to the Erie County engineer’s office regarding signing on the local roadway.

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The Bizness

Beth Ann,

It is not the responsibility of the driver with the right of way to change lanes and allow the merging car in. It is the merging car that has to speed up/slow down so it can safely merge with traffic that has the right of way.

In my opinion that exit out of Kalahari is great, and allows for easy exit of the resort.


While I completely agree with you, I would also like to add the fact that it is a common courtesy to drivers that if you can merge left to allow them in, you should do so. So many people do not do this, not just at this area but when entering limited access highways such as RT2 and the turnpike.


Many people don't do this because they don't know what common courtesy is. Some drivers on the road feel that they should be first even though it's not a race. Many ignore Yield signs as well and and just come on out onto the highway. This is a problem in Port Clinton but no one seems intent on doing anything about it. Many people also ignore speed limit signs by driving too fast or too slow. There is a tendency for drivers heading to Walmart in Port Clinton to drive 45 mph when the posted speed is 55 but then when they get to the 45 area they speed up. Go figure!

Licorice Schtick

"Even if your turn signal is on, not many drivers will move to the left to allow access to the road." There are multiple clues to the cluelessness of the writer in that quote. Yes, signalling for a lane change might motivate the other driver to move over if posible and safe. But signalling at an on-ramp (duh), while good practice to get the attention of inattemtive drivers, should make little difference to an attentive one, and certainly does not render special entitlement, nor obligate traffic to move over.

I can't stand drivers who attempt to barge in at any speed they want with no apparent concept of the term "merge," and them seem surprised when traffic already rightfully there can't or won't instantly move over. You know the type - they don't even start looking until their lane is about to end, and then panic or get angry when the world fails to accomodate their stupidity.

It's not alway common courtesy to move over; it's discourteous if doing so will cut off traffic in the left lane. (There are other examples of idiots being "nice" to one driver to the detriment of others.)

Put your cell phone down well before merging. You need plenty of time to check out the situation and it takes your full attention.

Sometimes the traffic engineers overlook things, or signs get lost. But usually, the "common sense" non-experts make suggestions and demands that would just make things worse.


Having permission to drive a vehicle by one's self does not guarantee that said driver will follow the rules. If an accident can be avoided by being polite and yielding as needed, then everyone will have a happy outcome. OK, that's how it should work.

In the real world, driver's are in a hurry, distracted, texting or looking in the mirror and are not paying attention. They should already know the laws, but are choosing to ignore them which puts the responsibility on the rest of us who are safe drivers every time we get behind the wheel.

If all else fails, tonnage rules!


"We are not aware of how Zambezi Drive is currently signed for exiting traffic as this is a township road. The customer should be referred to the Erie County engineer’s office regarding signing on the local roadway."

BS! Ohio Department of Transportation and spokeswoman Christine Myers IS aware or she lives under a rock. That statement is just to absolve them of having to deal with it or talk about it.


I wont yield to you if I do not see a turn signal. Use them!


yes there should be a merge sign with all the out of town traffic. Is strange that there is not one


The flashing signs warning of signals ahead need to be set to turn on and off as an advanced warning of an impending red lights as opposed to flashing continuously so everyone ignores the warning. This system is used on RT 23 going into Columbus and has been very successful for many years.


I agree with the flashing lights. I thought I read that the state will not allow them any longer.